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Earlier today on Twitter I posted a mysterious message about a package that had come to my persons over lunch.

IMG_0248 This mysterious box came from a online supplier of military gear.
I ordered only a few things from there that I was in need of and I will definitely be ordering from this site again.

The first thing I noticed about the site was that the prices were extremely reasonable. Normally when you order these kinds
of things for as cheap as they have them they are, quite frankly, crap. I was pleasantly surprised when I started unpacking that this is top quality gear.

It all comes in nice little bags that lets you know what it is and what manufacturer made it etc.

As I started to take my purchased objects out of the bag the shear weight of each item let me know that these were made out of  top quality materials. All excellent quality canvas with steel and brass trimmings etc. So what exactly did I get?

First as many a gadget otaku will tell you, carrying around all your cool tech can be a bit cumbersome on the pockets. Typically I have my iPhone, Nintendo DS, a portable hard drive, a camera, my wallet, sunglasses, and possibly a book,  as well as all the various chargers, pens, and accessories that I need. Now I have a messenger bag that served me during my college days but as I no longer carry 30 pounds of books, and I don't have a laptop (yet) I don't really need a giant messenger bag to carry my stuff. That and wearing a half deflated messenger bag looks kind of goofy. That is where my handy new "Survivor" shoulder bag comes in.

I didn't really call it a "survivor" bag, thats just what the website calls it, but I can understand where it got its name. This thing has a pocket for anything you could want to carry and I am fairly certain it would survive a zombie attack fairly well. It is all heavy duty canvas and is very well lined. I have managed to put all my gear in it and it still has space for a flash light, a water bottle a notebook or two, and possibly a netbook. This thing is amazing and I am already in love with it. It comes in fine masculine covers and I don't really have any fears of anyone calling it a man-purse.

Next is this rather amazing tactical duffel. I imagine its called a tactical duffel because of its rather large amount of pockets, its rugged construction (again all high quality canvas), and its ability to be worn as a back pack. The reason I got this was because.. I hate suit cases. Most are made of some kind of nylon and every suitcase I have had has either been unweildy to carry, flimsy, or a combination of the two. So I wanted a good high quality duffel that I could travel with and I am sure this will more than fit the bill.

I have, for picture purposes, stuffed the bag with a variety of things to puff it up, and maybe this will give you an idea of the size and how much it can carry. Here partially deflated it has two comforters, a blanket, a towel, and both my pillows. I am sure I could easily pack this for a two week vacation without worries. It even has a handy clear ID pouch that you  can slip your picture and contact information in should it get lost.

The final item I got was a nice new coat. I am absolutly amazed at how nice this is for how much I paid for it. All the buttons are either steel or brass. It has a built in hood, various ties for tightening the fit, nice pockets, and a removable quilted liner. It looks great, and feels great.

As you can see the liner is removable and is rather high quality as well. I am sure this could be worn as a very warm winter coat as well.

Now the reason I titled this post "Military Otaku/Cospa Gear" is because these are just a few of the sweet items you can find

I hope you guys find this website as useful as I have, and I plan on using it in the future. I cannot stress enough how great this stuff is.

P.S. Sorry about the image quality on this post, the lighting in my apartment isn't the best quality for taking pics with my iPhone. I hope to have both the lighting and the taking pictures with my iPhone problem fixed shortly :3.

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