Christmas Eve


Happy Holidays Everyone!

It's been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened. I moved to a new apartment in the middle of a blizzard, got a dog, did a bunch of holiday shopping, all while working a ton so that I could use my vacation days for the last two weeks here in December before they expire. Yes.. my vacation days expire, like milk. Anyway I am all settled in now and enjoying my Christmas Eve, which I enjoy almost, if not more so, than Christmas day. It is freaking cold out as a rather nasty winter storm has moved in.

There is a city park right off of my apartment patio, this is taken from a bike path that runs along it. As you can see if not for the houses it would be hard to distinguish it from Hoth with the current weather.

This did not prevent me from taking my new Shiba Inu puppy, Toshiro, for a walk. He f---ing loves this weather. I took video and picture with both my iPhone and my Nikon Cool Pix, the iPhone is a bit dark but it seemed to handle the weather better than my Nikon. Below is the video I took on my Nikon, replaced the audio with boxed Youtube music as listening to the howling wind and me sniffling isn't exactly good entertainment. 

Toshiro enjoys pretending he is some kind of sled dog and tends to dig down to grass and eat it.

He also enjoys mugging it up for the camera.

I was nearly losing digits off my hands, which were gloved, Toshiro.. didn't seem to have that problem. I imagined this would be captioned in the Old Lolish with "What U cold?".

I will be spending my Christmas Eve in the way of my ancestors, with video games and Samurai films.

I am a sucker for electronics and geeky things lit up by Christmas lights ^^. Despite being 24, I still want Santa to bring me things like Lego's and video games for Christmas. I usually cop out, and when people ask what I want I say responsible things like books that I want, or gift cards to hardware stores, but in my heart I am screaming "I want a Lego Millenium Falcon and "The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks!". :P 

 I will be playing Luminous Arc, its a great little Japanese Tactical RPG. I love these ^^. I actually played Luminous Arc 2 before this one, and enjoyed it so much I decided to play through the first. I will also be throwing down in some Team Fortress 2 trying to find the Eyelander and Chargin Targe for my Demoman, and playing that most hallowed of games...

^^ What better way to spend a Christmas Eve than re-living the time when it was the greatest f---ing day of the year, 2nd - 6th grade. No Christmases were better, until of course 1998, when after receiving an N64 and a copy of "The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time" I barricaded myself into my room with a 24 pack of Pepsi and a couple of bags of Frito's until several days later I emerged, disheveled, sweaty, and a bit smelly, but victorious in time to ring in the new year after unlocking all items and defeating Ganondorf; which is really what Christmas is about right? Saving Hyrule, defeating evil -- thats why we put up a Christmas tree, to celebrate Links green tights and its similarity in shape to the Tri-force.

Happy Holidays everyone and make sure your watching for Santa when he comes!

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