Pumpkin Patch


This weekend I went to visit the town where I went to college. It's a cute little town in south central Nebraska that hold many happy memories of my college days. I went as part of a tradition to go to a certain pumpkin patch each year to pick out a pumpkin with which to make a fine Jack-O-Lantern.

Once in town I immediately headed to my favorite diner to get some fuel. It was looking to be a long cold day so I needed a hearty breakfast so I ordered a favorite from my fall and winter study days.. the dangerous Sausage and Cheese Skillet.

It is a breakfast of epic proportions that requires a certain hunger to finish. The cheese in question is of the Nacho variety. It is one of those rare foods that falls under both categories of punishment and a treat.

A short drive, and a bathroom break later I found myself at the pumpkin patch quickly realizing why there were so few cars in the parking lot. The weather which was predicted as sunny and warm was overcast, windy, and generally fucking cold. It was a good thing I brought my coat.

The pumpkin patch had a variety of attractions other than pumpkins. Animals on display for instance, though they all got shy when I got my iPhone out, or perhaps they sensed that I had no intention of purchasing the feed provided.

There is also a barn where you can play checkers, cook smores, or eat the various snacks you could purchase at the concessions building. There were other things like a giant bike track and a "moon jump" giant inflatable bag you could jump around on, but as it was cold not to many people were doing that and I felt it looked a bit sad to take pictures of such things without their people.

Waiting for the hay-rack ride out to the pumpkin patch. The green carts on the other side of the fence are for people returning to put their pumpkins in.

Pumpkins! The best pumpkins are always hiding in the grown areas like this where people haven't trampled yet.

A slightly trampled section, I would not find my pumpkin of destiny here.

Getting closer, I have a keen sense for good pumpkins. I could sense a good one in this area.

After finding the perfect pumpkin it was time to go back to town to warm up. There is a local coffee shop that has pretty good coffee and snacks.

Treats! Didn't get any but they looked awfully good.

After the coffee shop I went and saw Where the Wild Things Are at the theater near the college. It was just awful. I don't know why it is getting such good reviews. I understand that is supposed to be making a point about childhood and all that, but it was just really bad.

1.) I was not captivated
2.) The previews are misleading it is not a inspirational film by any means and it is not a good film for children and this comes from someone who saw "The Last Unicorn" when they were growing up.. go ahead... look it up..
3.) If I wanted to sit and be depressed by a film for an hour and a half I would watch Requiem for a Dream again... which I have vowed never to do.

Home again! Here is the lovely pumpkin I will be carving up come this Halloween!

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