Otaku/Geek New Year 2009


Happy New Year Everyone! 

A bit belated, but I have been busy ^^. I had one of the most enjoyable New Years to date, and it was very geeky indeed. I thought I would share some of the highlights. 

This year for New Years I had some friends from College come stay with me a few days for some old time fun. They were all part of my D&D campaign, as well as Anime Night, Board Game Night, and the occasional secret literary society meeting. Remembered some good times past, talked about life, and most of all... played a ton of board games and had some great food!

Everyone arrived early in the afternoon, but by the time we had gotten everything settled and set up it was already quite dark out. Still getting the hang of getting the best pictures out of my Nikon Coolpix, maybe next Xmas I can ask Santa for an upgrade ^^. We started off the night with Risk: GodStorm, a variation of Risk I quite enjoy because of the added elements of surprise given by the miracle cards.

Troop placement can be difficult sometimes as the pieces are a bit cumbersome. The game is still quite new so there is quite a bit of cardboard dust on the table from the various paper elements ><. 

Another neat element is that troops you have lost in battle can then fight in the underworld. The Crypt and Altar spaces give you points at the end of the game and can give your gods extra strength as well as bring back dead troops. 

A bit discolored from my kitchens florescent lighting (if anyone could give me tips on how to correct this I would appreciate it), here is the delicious food we ordered from a Indian place near my apartment. It was really fun to call in and order a bunch of different dishes for carry-out and come out with a big box of food ^^. Not all of it is pictured, we also had soup. 

Close ups turned out rather nice. This was a lamb and beef kabob dish, rather tasty, the meat was nice and juicy not dried out like I have had at a few other places.

This is their specialty, Tandoor Chicken, its spiced and cooked inside the clay oven called a tandoor.. hence the name. Seriously this is the best chicken I have ever had.

Can't Remember exactly what this one was, it was a spicy chicken curry of some sort. I should remember its name.. since it was my favorite part of the meal ^^.

Everyone voted for pie for desert, so we picked up a pie and baked it. It was some kind of berry pie, not my favorite, and it made a huge mess in my oven... 

At this point we had finished up our Risk: God Storm game and had started playing Munchkin, which is a great game for people who love D&D and RP in general. 

The cards are great, and reference a ton of Geek and Gaming culture. 

Thats right, your seeing correctly, a card that references Anime tentacle rape. Lots of funny cards like this in the game. At one point we were having so much fun we ended up going out and buying some of the expansion packs for the game for even more great cards.

New Years Day we decided to kick it old school with some classic Risk. That's right, I own two versions of Risk.. what of it.. technically I own three if I could ever get my Lord of the Rings edition back from my family. I love Risk and have been playing it since I was old enough to yell "Blitzkrieg!" while pushing the game board off the table after losing. Can't quite sell this group on Diplomacy, Risks even more intellectual brother, the Mycroft to Risks Sherlock if you will. 

DSCN0448A few Rounds in and I had secured the coveted Eurasian section of the board, my pieces are black of course.

It was a pretty heated game, decided to call a truce between myself and the yellow player, for the sake of friendships and how many hours it would have taken us to battle it out, we both had cards for massive troop deployments on the next round.

Next was pizza and scrabble. Sorry no pics of the pizza, it went to fast! 

Following Scrabble came Fury of Dracula, a game where most of the players (4 ideally) play vampire hunters pitted against 1 player who controls Dracula. It was a bit rough at the start but was pretty fun near the end. Need to play this one again some time and I think it would go really well. 

It's definitely one of the more attractive board games. I absolutely love the artwork and the quality of the board and cards. I kind of want to paint the figures, but its been a long time since I painted figures like that. 

On the third day we decided to wrap it all up with another game of Risk: GodStorm before everyone had to head out. This is the end of game picture, I played green, as you can see.. I freaking dominated that game. It felt great and was a great way to start 2010.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday and I hope to see many, many more readers in the coming year ^^.

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