Nikon CoolPix S220


Got a new toy in the mail the other day. I got tired of taking pictures with my iPhones limited picture taking capabilities so I decided to get myself an entry level digital camera. I would have loved to get something like this, but I still have school and car loans to pay :P. So what did I get? I got the Nikon CoolPix S220.

Shiny box! It's a cool little camera that I felt would suit my needs best.

Sorry I am a bit of a gadget geek to.. so I couldn't help but do a "unboxing" pic. ^^

I got a packaged deal from Newegg that my camera came with a neat little camera bag and a nice 4gb memory card. I was super excited to see that the camera bag was black and orange.. in case you couldn't tell I like those colors. :P

Here is the main event, as close as I could get with my iPhone. I am a sucker for gadgets with black and silver and shiny bits. One of these days I will take a pic of my desk at home and you can see what I mean.

From the back side. As you can see they have managed to cram just about as much screen as possible while still leaving you places to hold it without smudging it up. The controls are simple and easy to navigate. I love the "Auto Scene" feature which automatically detects the best settings for your picture. If your a major camera geek you can still mess around with the shutter speed and aperture width manually, just need to dig a bit for them.

The other thing I like about this camera is that its definitely travel ready. Even if I had a larger more expensive camera I would grab this one for every day use. Here is a size comparison with my Nintendo DS lite. Yes I have the Legend of Zelda edition. One of the few times I didn't get a black and shiny gadget is when its branded with the nostalgia of my youth.

So that's my new camera. I haven't had a chance to mess around with it to much but I hope to be using it a great deal soon!

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