Futurama Figures 2


More Futurama Figures! 

I seem to have the distinct ability to not ever get any of the major characters, but thats ok.. I will get them some day. 
I have actually had these two figures for a while and between moving and the holidays didn't have a chance to photograph them. 
This week I finally figured out how to take a decent picture of them and will be using this method from now on when taking pictures of figures. 

This is one of the "Mystery" or "Chase" figures, "Sal" he plays a variety of roles in the series as a 3rd Tier character. 



I also pulled "Mom" one of the series many villains. A bit of a stretch on her accessory, I don't recall seeing it in the series.



The store where I was purchasing these figures no longer carries them, so I am going to have to hit the internet to try and get the rest. The one I want most, as I mentioned in the previous Futurama figure article, is Bender.

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