Good Food and Bad Weather


The weather has been fairly strange this week. It's been warmer, which is nice, but it has created a weird micro-climate in the Lincoln area. For the past week there has been fairly constant fog for the majority of the day, only going away from about 11:30am - 4:00pm. Walking the dog at night has been a rather surreal affair as often the fog is so thick that I can't see my dog on the end of the leash, just the leash bouncing away off in the mist. It has had an affect on the dog as well, as he tends to stay closer to me as we walk at night. I am sure there is some very scientific reason for the fog, something about with the warmer temperature and melting of the snow leading to saturated air being chilled etc etc, but it is seriously freaky. 

It is hard to take pictures of fog, by its very nature, without the perfect conditions, but I think my little coolpix did pretty good.

This is a familiar path if you watch my YouTube videos. This is a path near my apartment that leads to a park and connects to a bike path that goes through much of Lincoln. Not to creepy yet, as it's afternoon and still relatively light out. 

Further along the path things get a little creepier as you cross a bridge over a small stream that has been covered by snow. 

Here is the main bike path, as you can see its marked with open passing lane markers for some reason. I have yet to see a section of the bike path that is marked "No passing" so maybe this is just decoration to let pedestrians know they could be run over by a cyclist at any minute. 

Now we start to get the Silent Hill vibe. I understand that in some places fog is very common, but generally it is a rare occurrence in Nebraska and if it occurs at all it tends to be along some type of waterway. I can probably count the number of times I can remember there being significant fog in my memory on one hand. This was a full week of the entire city and the outlying areas being covered in fog, and from what I have been told.. it is spreading. 

Always remember to pick up your dog's droppings! It never ceases to amaze me how lazy some people are some times, it seems large dog owners tend to forget this more often then others, on more than one occasion I have seen what could have been mistaken as horse droppings left in the middle of the path. If your to lazy to pick up your dogs crap when it is literally on the sidewalk in front of you, you fail as a person. I hope the unspeakable beings that dwell in this hideous fog come to take you and leave your dog to find a better owner.

Toshiro midsprint on the heels of something hiding in the fog. He is quite fearless... most of the time.. Slavering Fog Dwellers? No problem. Shopping bag blowing in the wind? Scariest thing ever! ^^

The only thing more unsettling than a fog obscured playground, is when the fog thickens around said playground in the 5 minutes you have not been looking at it. 

I have always enjoyed mythology and folklore and read lots of such stories from all over the world and different cultures. It is a fairly common superstition that dogs and children can see things that human adults can not. Now I am not really a superstitious person but sometimes I wonder what my dog is looking at or, on occasion, why he suddenly stops in his tracks and decide to head home as quickly as possible. Now again I am not superstitious, but I tend to trust thousands of years of instinct and follow him home. I wonder if he see's anything here? ^^ 

If your like me and enjoy myths and ghost stories I would highly recommend "Kaidan Restaurant" be added to your anime viewing list. 


Speaking of restaurants, a new Japanese restaurant opened up near my apartment called "Fuji" [www]. I have been waiting to hear some reviews and for the initial crowds to go down before trying it. I had lunch there on Friday, had the Tempura and Sushi Bento, and it was delicious. Went back again on Saturday for dinner with a friend and had these wonderful Gyouza. 

For dinner I ordered the Udon Soup with beef. It also was delicious! Definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Lincoln now. The prices are really good as well. The lunch Bento's are a steal especially if they come with Sushi.

Another view of the soup, I was simply in awe of it. There was a enough soup that I had to take some home with me, it was just as good the next day. I will have to get a puchi figure to pose with my food from now on like Danny Choo if I keep eating food as pretty as this. ^^ 

The Teppan Grill Steak was delicious too, much higher quality than most places that specialize in steak in the area. There was the option to grill it yourself at the table, but sometimes I think its best to leave things up to the professionals. :P

I will definitely being going back to Fuji, many many times in the near future. ^^

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