Halloween 2009



This past Halloween weekend instead of going to an office party or staying in to watch Disney's Halloween Treat. I went camping at one of my favorite state parks that just happens to be a popular spot for people who enjoy Halloween.

Packing on Thursday, it's important to make sure you don't forget anything camping. Unlike traveling to a city.. often you can't buy what you forgot in the wilderness. ^^

Halloween2009001 You may notice some of the objects from this post. Everything performed above and beyond expectations.

Got to the campsite pretty late. It was dark, rainy, and cold that first night so most of my pictures didn't turn out due to shaking :P. Despite the poor conditions I was determined to carve my jack-o-lantern and have it out the first night. (A bit blurry).

A bit warmer by the fire. ^^

Late night bathroom run. Luckily the facilities at this campground are both heated and well maintained, some places I have been.. they have been neither.

The moon was certainly in the Halloween spirit, despite it being a day early. Heard some creepy coyote calls that night too reminded me of this scene in Dark Shadows.

The next morning was gorgeous. I love camp mornings, everyone starts to climb out of their warm sleeping bags and tents and start up their fires and camp stoves. Makes me nostalgic for my boyscout years. Coincidentally this picture is of a group of scouts that were camping a few sites up the hill.

My own little tent. I prefer tents with the extended rainfly, its handy for hiding gear from the rain that won't fit in the tent.

The view downhill and some of that fine morning cooking smoke. Can you smell the bacon?


A lovely reluctant weed. :P

Halloween2009012 Pretty happy with the new camera. Messing with the zoom and macro settings, this is moss.

Halloween2009014 For a State that is known mainly for its football and its agriculture, Nebraska can surprise you some times with some amazing views.




That night my pumpkin got a companion to hang out with him. Already posted this picture at the top but I like to show things chronologically :P.

Part of the fun at this particular park is that everyone decorates for Halloween.

A bit difficult to picture the neighboring sites decorations. Had to do it covertly while pretending to get candy since no one else was taking pictures. :P

There was a spooky moon for Halloween too!

The following morning was rather lovely as well.

Lucky this picnic area is "Spring Hollow" instead of "Sleepy Hollow" or it might have been full of heads glistening in the morning sun.

Not the easiest woodlands to navigate through, it is probably best to stick to the marked trails. ^^

Lovely scenic drive on the way out of the park.

Ganbatte leaves! Don't let fall get you down!

Looks like these leaves are about to lose the fight.

This part of the park always reminds me of the scene when Boromir turns on Frodo in the Lord of the Rings. I don't know why.. probably because I am a nerd.

or a place for hobbits to hide from Ringwraiths.


Cute tree.^^

The scenery on the way home was a bit less colorful. But this is pretty standard for Nebraska in the fall, where there are hills that is.

How do you celebrate Halloween? Dress up? Party with friends, coworkers? Still go trick or treating despite being 25?

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