Hime Yarizakura from Yozakura Quartet


So its official. I have gone over the deep end. This week my first "real" figure arrived. It will be a slippery slope from here on out I assure you. As you can see its not exactly the newest figure on the market but it is the one I wanted to start my collection with.

Some of you may recognize the lovely Hime Yarizakura from the anime Yozakura Quartet, incidentally it is one of my favorite animes, and she one of my all time favorite characters.

I was supposed to have it on Thursday but it apparently needed a signature and I was at work when it came (4:00pm who would of thought?), so I ended up having to go to the local Postal Annex to pick it up. Note: Postal Annex is not like a post office let me run down the experience for you. 1)You arrive at a relatively unmarked building with limited parking and via signs marked "Customer Pick Up" you are directed to a heavy steel door listing the extremely limited hours they are open. Upon entering this door you find yourself in a small window less room. There is another heavy steel door, but this one is segmented with separate opening top and bottom. There is a bulletin board with the most wanted list and a hand drawn sign that points to a worn steel buzzer and encourages you to "Push for Service" with a little subscript that lets you know to "push hard". As you press the button a sound that could double for an air raid call goes off. You hear movement behind the door; The shuffling of feet, the rustle of papers, then the top door opens and a perfectly friendly mail person takes your signed note and leaves.. god knows where.. to return shortly after with your package; which as you can see in my case was rather shady looking in its own right.

After several minutes trying to free the figure box from its protective packaging I was rewarded with the first look at my figure. I then discovered how difficult it is to photograph something in a box without some major flood lights from all directions.. I improvised and I think it turned out ok.

Love, LOVE, the instructions ^^.

Some nice accessories. The Spear is from the Anime, and the Lacrosse racket is from the Manga.. I chose to set her up with the Lacrosse racket because I think it looked better.







Yozakura Quarted combined just about all of my favorite things that I look for in an anime.
1.)Strong Female Character 2.)Good Character Design (They combine a headphone girl and a cat girl in one character ^^ GENIUS) 3.)Interesting Story (I am a sucker for Youkai themed anime) 4.)Good Music 5.)Excellent action sequences

Here is the Promo Trailer from when it came back way back in 2008 ^^.

If you haven't seen it I highly suggest checking it out, and now is good timing as its due out for DVD release stateside in March.

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