Lincoln Photowalk 1


One of my hobbies for a long time has been photography, it runs in my family, and I am just now getting back into it after being on hiatus since college. Something that has always interested me are lowlight and night pictures. I enjoy how the landscape and familiar places change at night, especially with the lack of human activity. So lately I have been taking my Nikon Coolpix along with me when I take Toshiro for walks snapping a photo here and there and seeing what turns out when I get home. No fancy set up, just me and my dog walking around taking pictures.


Of course with night photography without the correct equipment the pictures don't turn out crystal clear and perfect, but I think that is some of the charm.

The only Photoshop manipulation of these that I did was with the curves to get the contrast I wanted, in case you were wondering.



My feeling about photography is that it is a memory. I really hate when people try to take artful pictures capturing the soul of an object or person or some bullshit like that. I mean.. it really drives me crazy. If I see another picture of some wrinkly old farmer fuck looking worried about some shit I am going to flip.





DSCN0779Turns out my camera has a "widescreen" setting.

Anyway, hopefully when the weather gets nicer I can travel further from my hovel and take more interesting night pictures for you all ^^.

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