Chiaki Minami Nendoroid from Minami-ke


I probably should have gotten this article up much earlier.. or at least in time for Hinamatsuri, but things don’t always work out like we plan. Anyway, as you can see I got a new figure and my first Nendoroid: Chiaki Minami from Minami-ke.

 I recently got my first figure Hime Yarizakura from Yozakura Quartet and now with the addition of Chiaki I believe I may have crossed some metaphysical line that I cannot return from. 

It began with the arrival of this rather unassuming box.

This box contained yet another box, one more colorful and distinctly Japanese in origin.

It also exploded dust all over my shelf.

There was a small label on the box which assured me that the contents were of the highest quality.

It was after opening this second box and unpacking its contents that I began to realize that something had just occurred. It was a subtle difference, perhaps it was the size of the figure, the way it is designed to be ultra-kawaii, or perhaps it was the accessories; either way I realized a line had been crossed, as what lay before me could not be described as an action figure, this was very nearly… a doll.

It took a few minutes for this fact to sink in. After which I felt like perhaps I should go re-build a car engine or eat a nearly raw steak, perhaps both at the same time while listening to the angriest of metal music to offset the event that had just occurred. I soon got over this notion as I realized that not only am I unable to re-build a car engine, but seeing as my car is a Toyota Corolla… I don’t think it would earn me back many “Man Points” even if I did. I consoled myself with the fact that my Hapkido training was rather manly and that I could most likely break anyone in a number of humiliating ways should my new found hobby bring question upon my masculinity.

My momentary panic subsided…

and I discovered that the light had changed in a way that displeased the little figure.

After changing locations, introductions were made.


Pictures were taken.

And my shelf got a little more crowded.

Now I mentioned that Chiaki is from Minami-ke, which is one of my favorite Anime’s of recent years for both its characters and its subtle humor.

Here is the Opening for the first season.

The second season titled “Minami-ke Okaeri” was where the series really started to shine.

The series, as you may have derived from the videos, is about the Minami family, three sisters living together and going to school… that’s the whole premise.. but I assure you it’s terribly entertaining.

Its also one of the first series where I began to notice a recent trend in Anime series similar to the Tsundere and Yandere phenomenon.

Specifically I am talking about characters that do not act their age, either a very young character that acts more responsibly or an older character that acts almost infantile. It is obviously meant to be a “Charm Point” for the characters, and I have to say.. its definitely preferable to Yandere characters.. I wander what it could be called. I could name a number of examples in recent years, in Minami-ke for instance Chiaki is the younger behaving older and Kana is the older behaving younger. Kobato from “Kobato” , Hiiragi from “Hanamaru YÃ?chien” is an extreme case as well as Ascoeur from “Kiddy GiRL-AND”, I could go on.. but you get the point.

It creates an interesting dynamic in “Minami-ke” in that both ends are present and are sisters, and is perhaps one of the major areas of humor in the series.

If you havn’t seen “Minami-ke” I highly suggest checking it out, it is available several sites and there are some episodes on YouTube as well.

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