Maple KitKat


I recently got a significant order from J-List of delicious and interesting snack type things from Japan. I actually started to get interested in Japanese snack foods with Pocky back in 1997, back when it was not in every major grocery chain and when I first really started to get into anime (in those days some still called it Japanimation, how droll). Later I tried wasabi peas and the like, and then many years passed and my interest in Japanese snack foods was renewed when I started following Shibuya246 and his "Conbini Monday" series. The pretty packaging, the interesting flavors.. the fact that I have a full time job and can afford the shipping for candy bars without feeling guilty. These things have brought me back into a world far advanced from the simple Pocky I once knew. Now when I buy something I tend to like to know everything about it... even the mundane things, so unlike some sites that do a mass "Loot of the Month" post, I am going to feature each snack as its own post with all the pretty pictures I so enjoy to take. ^^

First up is going to be the "Maple KitKat" you can find for a limited time at J-List

Love the bright colored packaging. I imagine it might be saying something about the recent Winter Olympics with its colorful maple leaf.. but I certainly can't read it... yet.

One thing I noticed on all the snacks I got was that there is tones of nutritional and ingredient information on the package as well as a 2d bar code you can use to access more information via your phone.

This is seriously like the 2nd time I have gotten to use the 2d bar code reader on my phone the other time was a Wired Magazine.. really wish more things used this neat functionality in the U.S.

Little Packets of pure delicious.

A little closer so you can see that they actually print the calorie count on each little bag.. in big "Hi, these will make you fat" numbers. Which is a good thing.

The bar itself.

A little close up on the tasty layers.

When I got the bag of Maple KitKats I thought to myself "Oh cool! I can share with my co-workers!", but after tasting them I was quickly reduced to myself as a sugar obsessed eight year old on Halloween shouting "Forget it... these are mine... all mine bwaa haa haa haaa". Yes they are that good. No I will not share... hurry up and order your own Peter has tweeted many a time that they don't keep chocolate in the summer months.

P.S. Don't ask me how they taste... it says it on the package "Maple", I refuse to do something silly and discuss its "mapleness" or its "mapletude" or swirl it around in my mouth to discuss its texture.. not that kind of blog. ^^

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