Happy Thanksgiving!


First of all... Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate and Happy Thursday to those that don't!


This year for Thanksgiving, rather then the usual journey to the parental nest I decided to fly solo. Now I understand that this decision is unorthodox, a point my co-workers brought up whenever Thanksgiving plans were discussed, but I had my reasons. Firstly it has been a very stressful two months, and I didn't need any additional family stress. I am sure other 20 somethings can back me up on this, but going back home is neither relaxing nor enjoyable save for the 15 minutes it takes you to eat half a pie. If anything the annual journeys back home only reinforce why you were so anxious to strike out on your own in the first place. There is nothing worse then trying to sleep off your turkey comma on a sleeper sofa in your old room that has been converted into A)Your Dad's office or B)Your Mom's craft room. So this year I said "Screw that noise, I am roll'n Thanksgiving my way this year."

Which I did, and its going great so far! My day began bright and early at the crack of noon as I had stayed up watching the end of Desert Bus For Hope, which was btw, amazing in the final auction hours.

First thing on the list was to get the rolls out so that they could defrost and rise. I... freaking... love....rolls.

DSCN0284 Next came the all important turkey prep. This was my Turkey, I have had him thawing in the fridge since noon on Monday. Affectionately called "the little fucker" as when I was trying to pull this little 11lb turkey out of the bin of 20lb and 30lb turkeys I did exclaim "Come on you stupid little fucker!" Luckily this was at 10pm at night and the only other shoppers were other men sent to get Turkeys who chuckled at my plight before heading to the wine section.

Now I don't have any pictures of the actual prep, mainly because I was to horrified to pick up my camera. You see the first thing you have to do is wash the turkey, which involves removing the neck and giblets that have been unceremoniously shoved inside the body cavity as well as removing any pin feathers left in the skin. Now I am a gamer, I have been playing games with giblets flying around the screen since Unreal, but nothing can prepare you for the real deal, wrapped in a soggy bag, and being pulled from a cold carcass.

Next came the stuffing. Now it has always bothered me that people actually stuff either stuffing mix, or home made bread stuffing into a turkey and then cook it and serve it to human beings. The reason it bothers me is because at no point is the bread stuffing inside the turkey going to reach boiling before the rest of the bird is done cooking. That means that there is raw turkey juice inside that stuffing. Raw poultry is bad news. So instead of that I went with an option that actually enhances the flavor of the turkey and you remove after cooking, never to be consumed. This is a mix of lemons, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper.

Rolls are rising nicely. ^^

Time for some snacks! Usually the Thanksgiving snack spread is almost as big as the dinner, consisting of all sorts of treats people bring; trail mixes, chips, dips, veggie trays, etc.. but I kept it simple with some small smoked sausages glazed in bbq sauce and some popcorn.

Then it was off to watch the latest episode of Naruto Shippuden and Seitokai no Ichizon. I also tidied up the apartment a bit.

Turkey was about 1/2 done at this point, the rolls were about ready to overgrow the pan so I put them in to bake with the turkey. Not very much real estate in my oven.

The rolls only take about 15 minutes to bake, and they were very delicious. I had a few while watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I have to say, watching some great anime was a lot more fun then watching football or playing my DS trying desperately to ignore my family members discussing the weather, finances, or gossiping. ^^

DSCN0304 The final product. As you can see, I also made some candied yams.. which are actually candied sweet potatoes. I like them a lot more than mashed potatoes :P.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday! Tomorrow I am going to go see Ninja Assassin with some martial arts buddies. ^^

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