Lego Darth Vader's Tie Fighter


If you follow my Twitter you may have noticed that I have a thing for Legos. They are one of those toys I had trouble giving up, and only under the severest of peer pressures were they finally put in a box in my closet. I regretted that, because Legos are awesome, and now many of my sets I will probably never be able to put together again. Christmas always brings fond memories of new Legos waiting under the Christmas tree, and since December they have been on my mind. I find myself often wandering into the Lego isle of whatever store I am visiting and looking at all the cool new sets they have out. When doing this I find that I feel very much as I did when I was a child doing the same thing, same excitement, same joy, some sixteen years later. I think that is fairly impressive and it made me wonder why we give up the things we truly enjoy?

Then this past friday I went out with some co-workers for lunch to watch some March Madness basketball, not because I care about basketball (I don't), because I really like breaded mushrooms which were served at the sports bar of choice. Before we left, we all filled out raffle cards to win a 52" HD TV, then the following Saturday I got a call that I won a 20$ Gift card to Wal-Mart in the raffle. Now.. I hate Wal-mart.. with a passion, but I realized I had just been given $20.. $20 which should be spent on something I would consider a prize, and I realized that Wal-Mart has Legos. It was a terrible trip, as all trips to Wal-Mart are, but I was able to bring home an awesome set that I have been looking at for a while, Darth Vader's Tie Fighter. ^^

DSC_0163 Cower before its evil brickiness

The box. I always really like the box design for Legos. They are simple but I think that they just really present the product well.



One of the things I really like about this set, and many in the Lego Star War series, is that they don't use to many specialized pieces. There are always a few (of course) but I think some sets get a bit carried away, if you can't use a brick to make another figure.. then it defeats the purpose of Lego.


They are a bit flimsy but the angles on the wings are adjustable.

Darth sitting in the cockpit. You may notice if you own the set, that the control panel brick is actually supposed to sit on the ground, the same level that Darth is sitting. This is common in many Lego sets and has always bothered me. I used some of the extra bricks to raise it up to a more usable level.. you know.. so he is not controlling the ship with his feet.

I also made progress video of me putting it together. I think if/when I get more sets in the future I will do videos like this as well, it was a lot of fun.

Maybe someday I can make a video like this with the Millenium Falcon... or AT-AT.. drool

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