Sakura and Green Tea KitKat


Second KitKat Review. This one is of the Sakura and Green Tea KitKat offered at J-List.

I love the boxes for these. Very travel and gift friendly.

Pictures don't do the colors on the boxes justice, and no amount of Photoshop was getting them to show color correct.. I imagine it is because of the bright nature of the colors on the box. I wonder if these would have been better on a black background. (Product photographers.. any tips?)

On the back of each box there is a place to put a note which is really cute.

Here is the candy "unboxed" so to speak. Love the color of the green tea chocolate coating.


Crispy wafer shot.

Crispy wafer shot part II, this one is closer to true color I think.

The Sakura Green Tea KitKat is my favorite so far. The flavor of the white chocolate is a bit strong but you definitely get the flavor of the green tea and a hint of the sakura. If you enjoy a green tea milk tea with this you will notice the sakura more. A great treat and available for a limited time at J-List.

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