Milk Coffee KitKat


Part three in the reviews of KitKats from Japan! This weeks episode Milk Coffee! You have been warned!

The first thing I noticed about the Milk Coffee KitKat was the bright pink Sakura themed packaging. I imagine this is just a seasonal design as there is no Sakura scent or flavor too this KitKat. If you are looking for a Sakura KitKat I would suggest the Sakura Green Tea KitKat that I reviewed here.

A bit closer look at the lovely packaging.

Normally I would link to the product, but it appears to already be out of stock and removed from the site. However you can search all of J-Lists KitKats by clicking here.

Here is the back with lots of bits of info and a nice little place to leave a note if your giving it to someone. I wouldn't.. I would eat it it and tell no one that you got it.. let them find their own damn candy from Japan I say. ^^

Unboxed and looking mighty fine. I have to say, I prefer the two bar a packet format. In the traditional four bars to break configuration there is little option to save some for later, or share it with a friend without getting your fingers all over it.

I have to say I am continually surprised at how much English text is on a lot of these snacks... its almost as if they knew English speaking Otaku would be trying to get their hands on these...

Ah the super close up, the crispy layers, the semigloss finish on the chocolate, glorious!

So how does it taste? Not to be snarky, but it tastes like.... Milk Coffee! I know I know, snacks in the U.S. that are "flavored" tend to taste like some synthetic representation of the original flavor, often with a chemically aftertaste. Coffee flavors are especially guilty of this. I tell you now.. that that is not the case with these. They smell and taste just like milk coffee with a sweet white chocolate finish. I know it's a weird concept having the thing taste like what its supposed to be imitating without shouting "This is imitation." but its from Japan, a strange country indeed.

I will probably have yet another KitKat update this week with the final KitKat I got from J-List. Hopefully it won't be sold out by then! Remember all chocolate items on J-List are going to be disappearing soon so order fast!

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