Raspberry and Passion Fruit Kit Kat.


Meant to have this one out like a week ago.. but its been a pretty busy week so it kept getting pushed to the side for things like.. sleep. This is the final installment of Kit Kats from Japan for a while. It looks like once more I have failed to get the article up before they were all sold and taken off of the site. I get all of my Japanese confections from J-List, you can find all of their Kit Kat offerings here.

This time it is the Raspberry and Passion Fruit Kit Kat.
This Kit Kat, even more so than the very pink Milk Coffee Kit Kat, seems to be targeted at the fairer sex as it has a bit of the Shibuya flair on the packaging with the gold print and hearts.

Excellent print work on this packaging. I know quite a few graphic designers that go crazy for this kind of thing, always awkward when showing some of my old books to these individuals.. never fail to massage the pages to feel the letter edges...

A look at the back. I believe these came out around Valentines day, so I am sure they are packaged with that intent in mind. Was happy to see a Matrix Barcode on the back... I love these things. Currently working on my business card and definitely going to put one of these on there for quick access to my website and info. 

Technology in action. It pains me a bit to post this as my iPhone is still recovering from going through the Wash.. I really hope I didn't short it out and it will dry out and work again... or I am going to be out the money to replace it. :/

Unboxed and oh so shiny!

More cute packaging!

Pretty amazing how glossy the finish was on these Kit Kats.. it was quite reflective!

The delicious crispy waver shot. Just look at that pink filling!

So we know it looks great, but how does it taste? I had to bring in a second opinion on this one. For me the flavor was a bit to intense, the dark chocolate and rasberry and passion fruit complemented eachother rather nicely but it was just to fragrant and rich for me. So I had some others try it, including someone whoes opinion on chocolate I trust very higly, and I was informed that it was one of the greatest things they had ever tasted. Even better than most "Signature" or "Luxury" chocolates from well known chocolate makers. I found it interesting that it was brought up that there was no synthetic chemical aftertaste as most Americans grow used to in snacks with flavoring. I concurred, there is nothing faux rasberry about this snack, if you made it yourself with dark chocolate and raspberry jam I doubt you would notice a difference. I am really starting to wonder why this "chemical taste" phenominon happens so often in the U.S. when it seems Japan manages to do without it just fine. It is a bit frustraing. But enough of that.

While it wasn't my favorite, I heartily endorse this Kit Kat if you ever get a chance to try it!!

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