Bike Tire Setta


Taking a break from Japanese snacks for some Japanese Footware. These are some Setta I ordered from J-List while looking for some cool summer sandals as my current ones are rather dog chewed.

The bag is to seal in the freshness.

Here they are unpacked. Very cool looking. I love the orange, blue and white. My only problem with these is that they are a bit to small for my feet (a common problem I have) as my feet are rather wide (great for keeping balance, not so great for finding shoes). I am told that if I ever make it to Japan that I will probably have to order my shoes on the internet as I am a U.S. 10 1/2 Wide.. 

As you can see they have a textured finish to look like a more traditional Setta that have a tatami like foot cushion, however these are kind of a vinyl material.

The cool thing about these is that they have bike tire as the sole which gives them a nice grip. However when I mentioned that the bag was to lock in the "freshness", I was not jokeing unfortunatly. These things definitely have that "new tire" smell so make sure you get them out in the open and start wearing them right away because it is rather powerful.

I have to say for $20 these Setta are really well put together. They are available here if you are interested, which you should be.

Here is a closer look at the nice bike tread on the bottom.

Close up on the bands, very tight work, looks absolutely great. I really wish they would have fit me. If you are wondering, I already found them a good home and I am still in the market for some cool Japan inspired sandals if you have any suggestions tweet them my way. ^^

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