Late Spring Weather


We are heading up fast on big storm season here in Nebraska. From the last few weeks in april on till about mid June is prime Tornado conditions. Usually it roles in just in time to ruin the weekend. I had originally planned to go camping this weekend but after seeing the weather reports, and the fact that my tent doesn't have a full cover rainfly, I decided it would be best to stay at home. Judging by the clouds forming I made the correct decision. Now I love a good thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are what we call "rain" in Nebraska, much like a breeze in Chicago is around 30mph. We are used to weather being pretty shit crazy and when people from other regions, countries, etc say "We get tornados too." we take it with a grain of salt. This is a tornado in Germany...


We hardly sound the sirens for those, as storm cells in the Midwest can produce any number of those in a single night. (I am kidding we sound them for all tornado activity..)

Now let us compare to a Nebraska Tornado, the kind we get excited about. (In a "Time to play monopoly in the basement" kind of way).


We even have movies about what we put up with this time of year. Did I mention the premise of the film actually happened

So you can perhaps understand, why I will be spending this weekend at home if there is even the chance of a tornado as tents don't usually come equipped with storm cellars. However I did get some pretty great pictures of some of the clouds that were forming this afternoon.





It is a good time of year to be living on the ground floor :P.

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