Tyrant Habanero


I have wanted to try these for a long time. I first found out about them when some friends showed me the Habanero-tan comics by Shigatake. If you haven't seen them they are translated on various websites and are absolutely hilarious. Below is an example for the un-initiated

I absolutely love the packaging on these; bold, simple, and great colors.

Sorry, curved uneven surfaces are hard to photograph ><, here is the back of the bag.

2-D barcode took me right to Tohato's website and I am pretty impressed, as far as Japanese websites go this one is pretty well designed. (People who check the Japanese web, you know what I am talking about.)

Here are the snacks unbagged. Kind of look like spicy Funyons.

The Glamor shot.

So... what do they taste like? Do they live up to their devilishly hot reputation? The short answer is that they taste like spicy Funyons and no they are not that hot.. in fact they are pretty mild. Now, I may be biased. I enjoy spicy things, if it makes my eyes water.. that means I am happy, so they may be super spicy to some peoples tastes, just not for me. Final verdict? If I was inviting friends over for a typical anime style cram session (which I wouldn't since I am 24...) but maybe a rousing night of D&D I would definitely stock these a long side the Doritos and Cheetos. FYI there is a proper way to eat these things as an adult to prevent the grossification of game pieces and character sheets.

Tyrant Habanero are available here from J-List.

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