Meiji Village of Bamboo Shoot -- Green Tea Milk


This past week on K-On the crew went on a trip to Kyoto and some very iconic snacks were had by all. Among them were Kinoko No Yama Meiji Chocolate Mushroom Biscuits (which are spilled on the train). Now I have not had the mushroom versions of this treat but I did manage to get some Meiji Village of Bamboo Shoot -- Green Tea Milk from J-List, available here. Which is the spiritual successor, or perhaps younger brother of the iconic mushroom shaped cookies.

Some great packaging, as always with goods from Japan it seems.

DSC_0047 (2)
Standard informative back.

DSC_0050 (2)
The box opens into a kind of dispenser which is really quite handy, just open it up and place it on your desk!

I brought these to work for a bit and they were a big hit, especially with one of my co-workers who is from Japan and mentioned that these were her favorite treat.

I am quite impressed that these come out so well, they are very uniform and crisp, they look just like a bamboo shoot. 

As always I enjoy the individual wrapping as well. I really like the glossy white wrappers for some reason.

The closeup. These are a kind of gram cracker cookie with a green tea and white chocolate shell, understandably there are a few crumbs here and there from the cookie part.

I really like these because they have a very light and refreshing flavor. I can definitely see them being a good snack to take on a trip as you can snack on a few without them being to rich. I was trying to think why these might be someones favorite snack. Don't misunderstand me, they are good, but they don't strike me as something too memorable. It made me think about why my favorite treat, mini Reese's cups, are my favorite instead of something else.

As I thought about them I realized that largely the attraction is probably nostalgia. When biting into one memories come bubbling to the surface of my mind; unwrapping the green and red foil wrappers at Christmas, sorting through my candy loot at Halloween, picking them out of the snack bowl at slumber parties. Initially I enjoyed the flavor of course, but I think what keeps me coming back to them are all those happy memories that are associated with them. I imagine it must be the same for my co-worker and these little treats.

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