Edamame Puffed Chips


I thought I would continue the theme this week with another healthy snack, Edamame puff chips! I have to say, I am a big fan of chips in general. They are perhaps the perfect snack food, perhaps second only to home made popcorn. Most chips however are made with a fairly unhealthy base and then made worse with various artificial cheeses and flavors. Edamame puff chips however, are perhaps the healthiest snack chip available.

I wish roman characters could look this pretty.

I imagine the back says something like "Edamame, flower, salt" because these things look and taste quite simple. Kind of like when you have dried fruit and you go "Oh this is fruit.. but dry."

Not exactlty a party sized bag, but enough for 2-3 people to snack on during a study session. Not a D&D session mind you, studying takes considerably less time and appetite.

Is this supposed to be an edamame farmer? Merchant? Student? Whoever he is, he is very happy to have some chips.

The reveal! Yes they are green.. what did you expect? Edamame is green.

Mushed up and baked edamame.

A better shot of the chips.

 Now then, how to describe these chips... 

Well for starters, don't go into this thinking they are like Frito's or something, they are not. They have a unique texture, somewhere between a puffed Cheeto and a normal corn chip. Their flavor is extremely light, I can't imagine that they salted these very much at all. In fact they taste more like they set a shaker of salt near the chips but not actually on them. I guess ultimately they taste like, well... baked edamame, which is to say they taste just like the bean, but perhaps the earthiness of soybeans comes out a bit more. Some people may say it is similar to dirt... but in the food world, I believe it is called "earthy". They are not bad, by any means.. but a savory snack this is not. It is hard to categorize. Interesting may be the best way to put them. If I was stocking a study group or getting them for a movie night or something they would be what I would eat between two different strong flavored chips; a pallet cleanser chip if you will. Anyway, they are a fun snack to try and if you can find them you should try them. I got mine from J-List but it doesn't look like they are in stock or listed anymore.

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