Kimchi Cheeto


Cheetos are one of those snacks that I don't have very often (maybe once a year) but whenever I do they make me nostalgic. There were two snacks that I would default to for any event, school trips, vacations, camping, late night gaming sessions, I always had either Cheetos or Fritos by my side (with a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi) and they served me well. This week I am reviewing a spin on the classic Cheeto from Japan, though you might think it was from Korea, Kimchi flavored Cheetos!

This was probably the first time I looked at packaging from Japan and didn't really know what to say. Whoever was in charge of this made some poor decisions. When you are brainstorming what images represent the flavor of Kimchi.. a bottle of Kimchi base probably shouldn't be what comes to mind first. Especially when there are different kinds of Kimchi depending on the season. The most recognized (and the flavor of these Cheetos) is the spicy fermented cabbage variety, so you know.. why not have a picture of that instead of a picture of packaged seasoning. When something is pork flavored you don't see pictures of pork seasoning packets.. you see juicy succulent pork...

But that was not the only mistake.. wtf is with the lady on the front. Is she supposed to be a eccentric Korean Grandma, come to tell us of the wonders of kimchi? If that is the case.. then shouldn't she be saying something than just standing there, mouth opened, eyes wide, screaming silently to no one...

moving on..

Oh wait! Now I get it.. the bottle is from a type of product tie in.. these are not just kimchi flavored Cheetos.. they are branded kimchi flavored Cheetos. OK OK.. so the bottle is important.. but still show what you make with the seasoning on the front with the damn bottle. Then the lady on the front could be saying "See this amazing fucking kimchi we made with Brand-X seasoning? Now that awesomeness is available as a Cheeto!", maybe I ask to much.

Now there is something that makes sense.. just look at those tasty morsels. ^^

Those are some flavorful looking granules!

So what did I think of the Kimchi Cheetos? I think they are delicious and I wish they were available in the U.S.!! Like most of the snacks I have tried from Japan, there is a distinctive "lightness" about these when compared to the original U.S. Cheeto. They are less greasy and as such are easier to eat without chopsticks or handy-wipes. The flavor is not as cheesy either, but that is probably to bring out the flavor of the Kimchi seasoning, which was a tad dissapointing, in both the lack of cheesyness and the weak Kimchi flavor. I think I am starting to learn that perhaps the Japanese palate is one where "spicy" is realatively mild or perhaps out of fear of not reaching the largest audience with these the spicy flavor was reduced; either way, they are still a great snack and I highly suggest you pick them up, either from here or from a Conbini in Japan. ^^

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