Nendoroid Yui Hirasawa from K-ON


Last Thursday was my birthday and this was one of my presents. Nendoroid Yui from K-On!! I already have Mio, so I just need Ritsu, Mugi, and Azusa and I will have the full group ^^. I thought I would do pics first (with a few comments) and leave the majority of comments for the end with a bit of a rant. :P 







here are all the extras that come with the figure.


Love the detail for the amp.I am a bit sad the guitar is missing the Gibson signature and trapazoid frets.

I never noticed this before, but the joints have smiley faces on them. A cute bit of hidden detail.

Yui in default picture being taken mode.



She is a bit difficult to position as she is rather top heavy. DSC_0053
The final pose I am displaying her with. Her "determined face" is one of my favorites from the series, hers and Mugi's.


Mio will always be my favorite but as the main character from K-On Yui will always have a special place on my shelf ^^. This figure does a great job of capturing Yui's character, but I wish it came with even more faces, specifically the Peko-chan face and maybe her sleepy face. I decided to go with the "determination" or "gannbatte" face because I think it captures her role in the series most. K-On is largely about Yui, who has never been passionate about anything, discovering her passion and trying very hard to succeed in it. I think in all the the cakes and moe'ness of the series people forget the ongoing themes of friendship, and it never being to late to try something new that you're passionate about.

*Rant warning!!!*
Maybe this has just been my experience, but starting at Junior high students in the U.S. are pushed to define themselves as quickly as possible, to conform quickly, to decide what they want to be as fast as possible to become working adults as fast as possible. You are required to take career aptitude tests and attend career classes in junior high and use that to select your classes in high school. While looking ahead is important, I think the major problem with this is that you hardly have enough experience, you know... being on the earth and being human to know what you want to be and what your passionate about. I know that the system works for some people. Mechanics and electricians mostly, and that's great... but I wanted to be a Paleontologist or Archeologist when I was in junior high, but by the time I reached high school that was no longer the case.. yet my classes were laid out to reflect the decisions of my previous career counseling. Then I wanted to be a 3d graphics programmer and I adjusted my courses and headed to College with a similar intent. Midway thought college I realized I didn't want to do that either...

The point I am trying to make is that, our system has become one where you train for an occupation since the time you were 13, when you really do not have the experience to make those decisions, your life changes and life changes you. K-On reminds you that it is never to late to discover something new, to try something new, and to change who you are, or rather, discover who you are. Since graduating high school and college, I have continued to gain new interests and I pursue them openly and my life benefits greatly because of it. I watch as my classmates reminisce about "The best years of their lives" being high school and college and I think.. yeah parts were fun.. but if that was the best it could get.. then what do you live for? If there is nothing forward why proceed? I think the worst thing is that once the memories of their "glory days" no longer sustain them, they choose to have children and then that is all they ever talk about, they become utterly uninteresting individuals, the cycle continues. What example are they setting for their kids when the parent has no passions and only has memories of their school days? It frustrates me, as you can probably tell.

With my 25th birthday behind me I have obviously been thinking about these things. How each year I strive to make it better than the last, to become better at what I do, to discover what I am best at, and to ultimately find some way in which I can alter the world in a way other than minor population adjustments. Heading into 25 I have started working on a lot of cool and exciting things, and I hope that next year by this time I will have had the chance to share them, and maybe some new things, because it is never to late to try and discover something new.*End Rant*

Thanks Yui! It's time to get to work! ^^

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