June 24, 2020, J-novel club posted about AmazonKDP blocking some of their products and lacking communication as to what exactly the issue was/is.

J-Novel Club’s tweets

People across social media also took notice of listings for light novels being removed from Amazon;


J-Novel Club posted an update on July 13, informing people that it seems more books have been delisted from Amazon. Only finding out due to complaints from would-be customers and no formal notice by Amazon, allegedly.

Yen Press also confirmed on July 14, that they have removed No Game No Life from Amazon as well.


The situation becoming is getting so bad.

People in Japan also take notice of this;


This news comes just a few months after Patreon began to allegedly start banning anime creators from their platform.

Which was later clarified, albeit in a rather hypocritical manner, in a statement by the company.

More recently, even Pornhub has began delisting anime-style content. Artist “Derpixon” finding his account deleted due to “problematic and unauthorized content”

Many theories are around and continuing to be developed on, but as of now, it’s not entirely clear why the attacks against anime productions and communities have ramped up so much in 2020.

For now at least it seems you can still find J-Novel, Yen Press, and more, listings on BookWalker. Check them out at @BOOKWALKER_GL.

(Thank you @BepDelta for the news tip!)

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  • Sandwitch  July 14, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    It seems every day we get closer and closer to a censorship dystopia. I hope Japan can stay strong and keep up the good fight. Those old feck’s (pardon my language) gotta fall off their high chairs some time. And hopefully level heads replace them.

  • Spartaner251  July 22, 2020 at 11:41 am

    looks like its thanks to australia. at least that would be my bet.

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