After reading this entire report, you will probably know more about My Anime List than any of their ardent defenders. Maybe even more than their own staff. 

Quick recap; after having an abundance of new users generously sent to MAL during the Ishuzoku Reviewer rating meme – users and staff of MAL claim volunteers for the site will have to endure “back breaking work” to remedy… What exactly? They’re not very clear about any of this.

I pointed out how odd it was for MAL users and staff alike ( Shymander in the above image is the “Social Media Manager” according to his bio ), to use this “volunteer” argument in my original report and my video on the topic ( hyperlink ). The reddit user, MauledCharcoal, links to Shymander’s post as well with the “volunteer” hyperlink – if you were curious.

Since it doesn’t make sense that all of the alleged “issues” going on with MAL( since the voting meme apparently), has caused “back breaking work” for the volunteers. MAL should have plenty of paid staff, what are they doing? Why is the “back breaking work” being forced on the volunteers who work for free? I’ve asked this question over and over and have only received insults and smears from MAL users and staff in response.

The images of posts below here are in reference to my prior coverage. Again, MAL users and staff seem to freak out about the very simple questions I asked in my video, regarding their claims about the volunteer work –


They said I was ill informed. That I was not doing proper research. That I am wrong about everything…

So in this report, we take a closer look into MAL and their potential finances…

Let’s start with the information we already went over previously;

1. MAL appears to have affiliate marketing on their website.2. MAL’s self-proclaimed analytics on their page for “advertising”

MAL claims to bring in 150,000,000 page views to over 12,000,000 unique visitor’s every month.

Those numbers are extremely impressive and enable MAL to bring in, arguably but IMHO very likely, millions of dollars annually.

To advertise on MAL, you apparently need a starting budget of $10,000 a month to spend on the ad campaign. 

3. Now we’ll take a look at some new things I am finding with further due diligence. But remember… I “don’t do proper research”, right MAL?

Here’s a sample of ads on MAL, also take note of the “Hide Ads” option…

When you click “hide ads” you get taken to a page to apparently “Become a MAL Supporter” for only $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year. With 2 months free! How generous.

So let’s recap the publicly available information regarding MAL’s finances.

MAL appears to generate revenue through;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisers
  • “MAL Supporters”

Let’s continue.

On top of claiming to have 150,000,000 page views and 12,000,000 unique visitors a month. Here are more analytics from various sources, including Alexa rank;

Again, the Alexa rank is at #680 for a 90 day trend. The Country Rank above is 614 for January 2020, the numbers are certainly close. I think it’s reasonable to find them as quite close to accurate.

Of course, there’s also the apparent Global Rank of #803…Worldwide. Both the USA and Global ranks are quite insane. MAL appears to be a highly successful website. These numbers can bring in BIG bucks.

Apparently MAL also has an app by the way.

The most current review I’ve found, I haven’t downloaded the app to check if they’re running ads on it too. I don’t plan on downloading it either.

Anyways, the app was apparently developed by this Swedish dude;

He claims the app counts “more than 30k active users”.

This next segment will be all about MAL’s exchange of ownership and current owners;

Apparently MAL was launched in November 2004 by Garret Gyssler.

Also apparently, this seems to be his MAL profile;

What’s interesting here is that MAL was apparently sold on August 4, 2008 to CraveOnline for an “undisclosed sum of money”.

But Garret / Xinil is allegedly a “Site Administrator” still? Gee, wonder if he’s one of those “free volunteers”.

Eventually Crave sold MAL to DeNa, as you may have read above – sometime in 2015.

Finally in January 2019, MyAnimeList was acquired by Media Do.

Why don’t we take a look at Media Do now? This also may be my favorite part because… Media Do is a PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY!

So, what does Media Do, do?

More information Media Do and their Board;

Next, since Media Do is public, we also get to look at their stock!

That’s a chart of the last 3 years of movement. The important thing to note though is the current stock price and the market cap. However, I prefer this source here, I’ll also give you even more information. Continuing…


We could look at all the ratio’s, etc, but I’m going to be able to prove the same point in a more simple manner. Here’s how –

Notice the market cap of 46.353B? 

By taking the current stock price and multiplying it by the shares outstanding, we should come to a figure somewhat close to that;

3,270.00 x 14,180,000 = 46,172,400,000

Now we take 46,172,4000 and convert it from Yen to USD… and the result is…

$420,523,000. Media Do stock if fully liquidated is worth around $420,523,000 USD…

But remember, MAL is apparently forcing their poor volunteers to do the “back breaking work” for free. Poor MAL must really be struggling financially!… /s

And lastly, a link to their financials if you’re curious to dig even further(hyperlink). 

Video discussion of this report;

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