Twitter is a source of great entertainment. It is also a source of immense cringe.

Never in my life did I want to know what “oomf” meant. Yet here we are. (If you don’t know, it means “one of my own followers, apparently…)

Narrowing down the niche, the self proclaimed “ani twitter” or abbreviated “anitwt”, continues to embarrass the rest of the anime community.

If you’re not familiar with “ani twitter”, on paper it’s not that bad of a thing. – aside from having an exceptionally lame name. ( Ani twitter /anitwt don’t just sound stupid, something as awesome as anime should never be grouped with Twitter in a single term. Twitter often has many negative connotations associated with it, so placing Twitter and Anime together… Just no. Please, no.)

However, “ani twitter” has a massive issue besides its name. Aside from just existing to help people find others that share an interest in anime, many of the people who use #anitwitter or #anitwt, tend to virtue signaling hypocrites. Unfortunately.

It’s a recurring theme you see from accounts involved with “ani twitter”, they advocate cancel culture, preach insensitivity while simultaneously try to force Japan to conform to their Western views. Throw buzzwords around at people when there is no merit, etc. You know the deal. The whole nine yards.

Here’s a few examples of “moot” posts of “ani twitter”. Where someone is simply looking for other people to discuss anime with. It’s unfortunate that these types of people can’t just find satisfaction in using the platform (again, albeit the ridiculous name) to discuss anime. They also have to go down the fascist SocJus route too. Very lame.

I’m only posting one image as an example but I’ve scrolled through an abundance of these posts for due diligence. A recurring theme is that most of these “anitwt” accounts tend to love Haikyuu, Demon Slayer, Hero Aca, and Yuri on Ice. I’m not sure what that means exactly, just something I noticed.

Hopefully that explanation and example gives you the explanation on “anitwt” you never needed. Honestly, it would probably be better for your own mental health if you didn’t even read this report. However, if you ignore the cringe and toxicity, you’ll at least probably get somewhat of a laugh out of this impending and bizarre, mass, mental breakdown when we get to the test they took.

That takes us to the “What anitwt oomf are you” test. I didn’t know what “oomf” meant until I began looking into this little test and the associated breakdown.

Per the title of this report, this very test has single highhandedly caused “Ani Twitter” to have a mass, collective, mental breakdown. Because many of them who took the test, have results that claim they are a “dudebro”. If you don’t know, “dudebro” is a term weird people throw around on Twitter in a pathetic attempt at insulting people they disagree with.

Another common set of terms “anitwt” likes to label the people they call “dudebros” with – are “cishet males”, despite the fact that plenty of the people who they label as such are actually females.

On top of that, many of the “ani twt” accounts who claim to be females, are actually dudes themselves. Imagine that!

Anyways, the test has 10 questions such as;

So here’s what happens. The test apparently starts becoming quite popular in the “ani twt” community with many sending the test to their “moots” or whatever. Curious to find what the test will label them as.

Unfortunately for them… The results were not quite as expected. Or wanted.

You see, with the backstory, you should understand a number of these “anitwt” types get outraged by “dudebros”, so imagine their shock when the test told them that THEY are dudebros.


Video discussion of this topic;

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