Here’s the backstory first.

A week or so ago we covered a situation where SEGA thanked players for reporting a “bug” in the game; “Project Diva Mega Mix” on Nintendo Switch;

Now, the news;

In the thread by @BepDelta about the Miku situation above, another user @princetrunks informed people that he also dealt with people reporting something they dislike, listings on his store;


Close up of the images posted;


And back to the thread;

Lately there seems to be an increase in strange people with too much time on their hands, going after anime, the community, and even associated products.

There are some unfortunate circumstances where those weirdos succeed, such as this situation, however overall it seems they’ve largely just united the anime community as people work together to push back against the wave of bigotry.

Video discussions on this topic;

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  • Jacob  March 3, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Ngl…my mom even claimed this whole scenario is stupid…thats when you know it’s dumb. My own 58 year old mother, who doesnt watch anime, and is very protective of children said this whole story is messed up…thanks for reporting the worlds chaos again, friend. Seems there’s never an end to stupidity on the internet and woke individuals.

  • Jeff  March 4, 2020 at 2:21 am

    It could well be that there’s a fresh crop of recently-graduated young people with useless degrees (such as Gender Studies). You see, the only thing these useless degrees do is train students to be professional victims. And thus, they start pulling such capers as false-flagging anime merchandise for ALLEGEDLY constituting child pornography! Okay… message received: Amazon IS NOT the place to go to buy anime merchandise. Dedicated anime merchandise websites like J-List and JBOX are much better places to go to buy such items. Well, as long as those false flaggers don’t find those other websites as well… (which is why I’m NOT putting out links to J-List or JBOX; I don’t want those sites to be TOO easy to find, or else the Neo-Puritans might spew their venom on those sites too)!

  • Degenerate Lolicon  March 4, 2020 at 8:47 am

    A part of me thinks this might be an internal thing by Amazon itself. Very recently the Department of Homeland Security put out a statement saying that they were willing to hold online storefronts like Amazon accountable for any customs infractions. While on the surface the statement only targeted trademark violations, bootlegging, and prescription drug smuggling, I have heard rumblings that the DHS has been flagging anything that might count as a ‘child sex doll’ that’s coming into the United States. While not illegal on a federal level, several states have extended their obscenity laws recently to cover that, but said definitions are so vague that it’s less of a ban on life-sized child sex dolls and more a legal requirement to prove that your doll (of any size) represents a concept that is over 18. Classic chilling effect measure intentionally reaches well beyond what they’re targeting.

    Put two and two together and it’s not hard to believe that this could be a normal CYA policy by Amazon to avoid any potential legal troubles.

    On that note I should secure that Kasumi bunny girl figure I’ve been sleeping on.

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