Discotek Media recently announced that they will be re-releasing the dubbed version of Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao’s Treasure on Blu-ray on 10/27/2020. There is however a catch.

The company has decided that this special is too problematic to be re-released to the masses as is and have decided to update the special by adding trigger warnings for those whom may find certain tropes to be offensive. Furthermore, they are going to educate you the viewer about homophobia in anime through a special essay made just for you.

This all stems from the producer of the Lupin III series, who took to twitter to express how hard it was for him to work on this special due to both its harmful tropes as well as the fact that the main villain is a Nazi. As per usual the producer received high praise for being very progressive and inclusive.

The best advice I can give you all is if you want to just enjoy theĀ  anime for what it is then just stick to watching the original dub/sub. With that being said, this does set a dangerous precedent moving forward for other older anime titles that may get re-released in the future.

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