上官绯樱 , known as MiLk, or @jokanihyou, posted a meme the other day onto the cesspool of a social network known as Twitter.

The Tweet / Meme has since been deleted (unfortunately I don’t have screenshots of that tweet or the replies ) but people who appreciated the memey art saved it. Later reposting it after 上官绯樱 deleted it.

Here is the apology post;

Some users thanked MiLk for apologizing.

However, as you can see the tweets thanking Milk for caving into the harassment, were quick to become ratio’d.

Reason people butting the claims that apologizing was the “proper thing to do”.

There’s plenty more replies but my finger is tired of clicking. Here’s another example of MiLk’s art;

And again, the “apology” thread if you want to browse;

( Thank you Tadosaurus Rex and Patrick S. for the news tip, sorry if I missed anyone! )

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  • K  January 23, 2020 at 11:51 am

    I saw the piece that caused this and it’s harmless. It’s just all the other Mokou pieces she did. I tell ya, these crazed clowns just want something to whine about to the point of going after absolutely wholesome artists like Jokan. The way they claim “victory” by getting her to apologize was nothing less than appalling.

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