For the last couple of years, Rooster Teeth time and time again have committed themselves to improving their company culture for the better. That does not seem to be the case. If the most recent Glassdoor reviews are to be believed, Rooster Teeth never had intentions of ever changing and such statements posted on the likes of twitter and their official blog where nothing more than empty words meant to cater to the masses.

Apparently, Rooster Teeth employees are allegedly still buckling under the pressure of crunch despite working from home which is leading to stress induced breakdowns and poor mental health. There also appears to be an exclusion from certain circles within the company as it pertains to the treatment of their female staff. Twitter user @RwbySus summarized what is going down behind the scenes.

Back in June 2019, Rooster Teeth released a statement on its blog in response to the allegations of crunch that were floating around at the time. For some reason the blog post has since been removed and the only trace of this response that remains is the various reddit posts that documented the event.

Current Day:This was all brought to light by an account on tumbler going by the handle misterblank42 who compiled various Glassdoor reviews that were posted within the last year. Many of the reviews slam Rooster Teeth for everything from crunch, sexism, immaturity, to being complete hypocrites. One also alleges that Rooster Teeth uses twitter follower numbers as a means of deciding if an employee gets promoted or not.

Exhibit A:Shockingly enough, several of the employees accuse Rooster Teeth of being sexist, racist, etc. This comes as a surprise as Rooster Teeth on many of an occasion often praise that diversity and inclusion is an important component of their brand. If true, it is such a shame to see that Rooster Teeth cannot even live up to their own lofty ideals.There seems to be a reoccurring theme of false promises when it comes to Rooster Teeth’s management as pointed out by the review below. This might also explain the numerous false promises that Rooster Teeth has set forth with its own community as well. At this point, it feels like they have become perpetual liars and will happily do so to save their own skin in the face of any perceived backlash.Exhibit B:The Reviews continue to get worse and worse. At this point the people writing these reviews are writing full paragraphs talking about their disdain for the company. Despite the dreary circumstances, some still think there is hope for the company even if that hope is very very very slim.Exhibit C:

One employee in particular wrote a novel about his time at Rooster Tooth. While this person is somewhat optimistic about the company, he cannot help but layout the companies short comings in complete detail.

Rooster Teeth has since caught onto some of the more slanderous reviews and is allegedly deleting them off the website as to maintain the companies reputable image for both the fans and investors alike.

Exhibit D:

If the reviews are anything to go by, Rooster Teeth sounds like a terrible place to work. Everything from having a toxic work environment to mistreatment of lower level staff, all but paint a very bleak picture of what goes on behind the scenes. One can only hope that Rooster Tooth in the future will actually make a concerted effort to change things for the better before it is to late.

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