On September 30th, after much backlash for their handling of the recent suspensions of Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato, it seems  Cover Corp is enacting some much need damage control in the hopes to repair what good will that remains at the moment with the community, and their image at-large, internationally.

The incident has since blown up and gone mainstream.

Cover’s new official response to their response can be found below.

Their new statement has come off as being hollow, full of empty promises, and meaningless to many people due to the fact that Cover have decided to uphold the 3 week ban on both VTubers, made similar promises time and time again and has kept failing to keep them, all the while trying to pander to all parties involved and choosing not to take a sold stance on their position.

Official Response:

Official Translation:


The situation has gotten so dire, that the company board members have gotten involved and made the CEO Yagoo  give up a months worth of salary as sort of penance for his handling of the situation. He was also forced to come out and make a public statement. The hope was that by punishing Yagoo and having him fall on his own sword, it would act as a sort of atonement and hoped that his “self-sacrifice” would be more than enough to appease those whom they have angered.This so called “self sacrifice” attempt did not work out the way that they thought it would, cause many local Japanese took to twitter to brutal roast Cover over their tone deaf and corporate response. The same sentiment was shared from people overseas who did not care much for the Japanese sentiment of “taking one for the team”, at least not in this instance.

Japanese Twitter:Overseas Twitter:

As if things couldn’t get any worse, it appears this recent backtrack from Cover Corp, has also angered the Chinese audience who see this backtrack as a complete betrayal of Cover’s original stance and statement of only being loyal to China. Some are now also allegedly plotting on ways to take down Kiryu Coco’s channel permanently.

Update: In an apparent attempt to stop people from inciting controversy, Hololive has now made a list of terms that are consider taboo and cannot be mentioned on streams and yes Taiwan is on that list according to several people. This response has been met with a mixed reaction. Some praise them for this response, while the other half only see this as Hololive further catering to Chinese interest under the guise of not being political.

To further the tensions between the Chinese audiences and the rest of the world, the recently Pro-China YouTube channel Hololive Moments, has begun to issue false copyright strikes against fellow Hololive translator community channels as well as Hololive clip channels, all the in hopes of taking them down and making the fandom more angry.

As the old adage goes when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Cover Corp and Hololive are fighting a losing battle that they cannot possibly win.



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