The year of the hentai series continues folks. Earlier during the day Crunchyroll announced that next NSFW title that will be getting its own anime adaptation is “Kuro-Gyaru ni natta kara Shinyuu to Yatte mita” or when translated properly means “I Became a Dark-Tanned Girl so I F***ed My Best Friend” or the more widely used shortened version “I F***ed My Best Friend.

Kuro-gyaru is the shortened version of ganguro-gyaru. The word ganguro refers to a fashion trend in Japan that incorporates a dark skin tan, while the word gyaru refers to a girl or gal who is very childish and rebellious in nature. Also, yes the literal word F***ed is used in the actual title.

Unfortunately, the PR representative who runs the Crunchyroll account and the writer of the subsequent article did not double check their work and accidentally tweeted out and published the story which both contained the translation error which replaced the phrase “dark-tanned” with “dark-skinned” alongside a more tamed down translation of the last part if you know what I mean. This mistake would not be a huge problem cause translation errors are common place and happen all the time, however this is twitter and on twitter the phrase “dark-skinned” can only serve to rile up a certain outrage mob who spends their days looking for small mishaps like this to get angry about.

Seemingly within minutes, the Crunchyroll twitter account immediately deleted the tweet after it had already garnered both apparent backlash and stunned looks from fans. This of course then led fans to laugh at and roast them for their almost superhuman level of response to the situation.

Now in total damage control mode, the title of the article was swiftly changed from their translated version back to the Japanese title and issued an apology in hopes that the twitter mob will leave them alone and let them be even though it was not meant to be insensitive to begin with and was only a simple mistake. Unfortunately for them, the drama does not end there.In their haste to cover up the “offending” name, whomever is in charge of the site only remembered to change the heading of the article, but left the url untouched as evidence by this photo taken from a simple google search. Kind of defeats the purpose of trying to erase the “offending” name if you can still see it in the page link. Being the good and kind-hearted person that I am, I made sure to reach out to Crunchyroll to let them know that they may want to fix this mistake on their website so everything lines up correctly.

At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes and as such a little friendly advice goes a long way. Still, that doesn’t mean we all can’t have a good laugh at their expense in the meantime. Speaking of laughs, the “censored” version on YouTube censors the exposed scenes in the most bizarre way yet. Instead of using the normal lens flares that we are all accustomed to the character in the scene is completely covered by a giant red circle which completely ruins the entire scene.You can watch the 4 minute preview clip from the first episode down below and judge the show for yourself. Hopefully, we can get an uncensored version of this series sometime in the future cause this is certainly not the way to watch this series for the more cultured viewers.

Like I said, mistakes happen and hopefully going forward Crunchyroll is a little more careful about what they post on social media. “I Became a Dark-Tanned Girl so I F***ed My Best Friend” is set to air on April 4, 2021.

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