The Promised Neverland will have a live action movie adaption, for better or for worse. Usually live action adaptions of anime are indeed for the worse.

However, that’s not the focus of this report.

You know those weird people on social media, especially Twitter, who love to virtue signal?

For example, Kotaku’s alleged attempt at sparking outrage over a minimal amount of tweets procalming that Pokemon had made Bea’s skin lighter;

Boring, Weird, People Try to Use Bea From Pokemon For Their Latest Faux Outrage, Claiming “White Washing” In Her Anime Appearance… But Is This Fake Outrage Pushed by Kotaku?…

Well, we may see a similar situation now with the character “Krone” in Promised Neverland and the live action cast.



Here is Krone in the anime;

I’m going to end this one here. I think everything is quite self explanatory.

There is no outrage yet but we are predicting that it will come. It’s fun predicting the script that NPC types operate on. We’ll see though!

Actually, I’ll add one more bit to end with for your consideration…

Notice how the tweet has about 120,000 likes and there’s no outrage over this casting yet?

Well, I think this gives a level of merit to a theory I’ve had recently. There’s been an uptick in virtue signaling on Twitter from accounts that roughly appear to be Japanese but I’ve considered the possibility of those accounts actually being ran by Westerners in an attempt to do some sort of OP’s to undermine the views of people in Japan.

The fact that this tweet has around 120,000 likes and has yet to have sparked any outrage, implies to me that the typical crowd of weirdos who screech about things haven’t found it yet… Which makes it seem even more likely that some seemingly Japanese accounts may indeed not actually be ran by Japanese people.

In other words, when you see Twitter accounts that appear to be Japanese and they support virtue signaling, cancel culture, etc, don’t immediately believe that it is being ran by someone actually living in Japan… Just food for thought.

( Big thanks to our pal Noriyukiworks for the news tip! )

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