The next great panty scandal is now upon us. If you are a fan of Fairy Tail or anime in general you are no doubt aware that Koei Techmo, alongside game developer Gust studios, was working on a much highly anticipated Fairy Tail RPG for this console generation. After having gone through multiple delays, it was eventually released on July 31, 2020.

Shortly after release, players began to notice that after downloading the day 1 patch that certain shots, specifically where certain animations allowed you to catch a glimpse of either Lucy or Wendy’s panties, were replaced by the black void of no fun. This patch was applied across all systems so not even the mostly censorship free Nintendo Switch was not spared this tragic fate.

Promotional Trailer/Pre-Patch:


Some argue that this was already built into the base game and that everyone else is a creep for making this an issue. Even if true, many are considering this false advertising since it was uncensored in the promotional material.

This comes off as strange for several reasons. The first being that Koei Techmo originally advertised this game as having no censorship in any form and would be full on fan service and a love letter to both the franchise and the Fairy Tail community.

Also the only item to be censored was the panties themselves. Despite this minor censorship the game is still filled with costumes and outfits that show off each characters well endowed features.

Some players have even commented that the characters boobs in the game are even larger than they were in the anime or manga.

What boggles my mind the most is that Koei Techmo has decided that censoring panties of all things is more important then fixing their buggy game. Even after having been delayed three times, the console versions of the game are filled with game breaking bugs while the PC port turned out to be a cheap port of the console versions. There is a consensus that while being a good attempt at an actually decent anime RPG, the overall game feels rushed and needs more polish. Just goes to show you where the companies priorities are at this moment in time.

As someone who has purchased this game day 1, I can not only confirm all this, but can also say there is a lot more wrong with this game than what is mentioned in the screenshot above.

After doing some research, the conclusion that I have come to is that there is a high probability this was due to the morality police complaining to the company that they were exploiting underage girls, Lucy and Wendy, using the ye old argument of “she is only x years old, therefor she is a minor.” As of this writing Koei Techmo has yet to provided an official statement on the matter.

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  • Kasaix  August 5, 2020 at 10:57 am

    I was never a big fan of Fairy Tail. I had no problems with it, I just never got into it. I got this game specifically because Gust stood by fans and said ‘there will be no censorship’. Reading this just makes me depressed. By the by, did anyone try to play without the day 1 patch to see if that would clear out the Peach Under the Dress Void?