On March 22, users on Twitter began posting about the bizarre airing of Tamayomi 4, which seemed to boast an abundance of incomplete animation.

The news also made the subreddit /r/funimation.

“EDIT: Funimation has replaced the episode with the improved broadcast version.

Tamayomi is a sports anime that centers around a group of girls trying to make it big.

Fans noticed that Episode 4 showed a remarkable lack of quality with odd images of girls looking off model, bad animation and strange zoomed in angles.

However, someone made a collection of images showing that the images vastly differed from the version broadcast on Japanese Televisions.


Fans speculate that a different cut of the episode was given to Funimation so they could sub the episode while a different version of the episode was improved upon and released onto Japanese television sets.

Does Funimation intend to replace their version with an improved version or not?”

The OP, /u/Burnouts3s3 claiming that “Funimation has replaced the episode with the improved broadcast version. Still, the question remains… What exactly happened?

/u/DeKrieg, who claims to have experience working in western animation, has a couple theories;

“That looks like someone sent funimation a WIP version. Judging by the lack of textured 3d models in the background.

I’ve only experience working in western animation (as an animation editor) but the standard of that looks like something we’d have at final animation but before compositing at offline. So it’s missing 3 stages of the animation process (comp, offline and online)

It would also explain why some of the shots look low quality in the image standard not just flat, like it’s of a lower quality with a lot of pixels. Anything with any form of tracking is distinctly of lower quality because prior to the offline a lot of camera movements would be done by the editor by simply scaling into the image in the edit. When the offline stage comes around they’d replace all those edit made movements with ones done by the compositing team and the offline edit should have no effects applied to it in editorial, it would just by laid out of the timeline as one single track.

So the scenario is either

A) Funimation is treated like a client so would be sent cuts of each episode at each stage (keys, inbetweens, final animation, offline and online) to be signed off on and someone at Funimation uploaded the file from final animation instead of the online (this is the most likely scenario)

B) Funimation is only distributor so someone in the studio in Japan putting together the delivery to them sent them the wrong file (less likely because the television studio in Japan got the right one and usually it’s the same file sent to all distributor)

It’s actually fascinating to watch from the perspective of someone who works in animation but in a different country”

As you can see, even with further potential explanations, the situation does seem to point at a rather embarrassing gaff from Funimation.

(Special thanks to Burnout3s3 and Gamewizard02 for the news tip!)

Video discussion;

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