Funimation recently announced that “select Monogatari titles” will be coming to Funimation…


A following tweet clarified exactly what the plan would be regarding what episodes;

People weren’t very happy with the “limited selection”;

People also took the chance to mock Funimation for their “company standards”, especially on their YouTube community tab;

Oh, remember the KissAnime watermark situation?

Funimation Uses Pirating Website KissAnime For Tweet, Then Gets Destroyed By the Anime Community And Deletes The Tweet

People mocked Funimation for that too!

I can’t wait to report on what Funimation does next. Always a fun topic!

Video discussion for this report;

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  • Degenerate Lolicon  March 6, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    Man, that second part is a trainwreck. Attacking Funi over Bakemonogatari by claiming that it’s ‘worse’ honestly just normalizes the idea that shows with lolicon or shotacon content are a black sheep that need to be taken behind the shed.

    I understand lolicon is one of those things that’s tossed under the bus the moment it can be used as ammunition by our fairweather “””””allies”””””, but show a little decorum when you’re on the offensive.

    ‘But it’s about showing hypocric-‘

    Fuck off, I wasn’t born yesterday, if lolicons weren’t an ally of convenience you’d shove them into the fucking mud for some sort of group virtue.

  • Shawn0071986  April 11, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    And the Ls just keep coming for Funimation.

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