Funimation recently pulled Ishuzoku Reviewers from their lineup. Many getting the impression that Funi was trying to brush the situation under the rug.

The decision really coming to light because of the above email which has been circulated around the internet since.

Of course what stands out is;

“It falls outside of our standards.”

Since this information surfaced many have begun to speculate on what occurred behind the scenes.

There has been some interesting posts made on the Funimation forums;

Finally, the user also posted this information from VA Brittany Landa’s AMA;

Some of the popular theories about this situation right now;

  1. Funimation liscenesed the IP to stop other companies from getting it.
  2. Funi liscened the IP, not realizing what they got into. The material being more than ecchi.
  3. (The most interesting to me) Part of Funimation didn’t have an issue with the IP, but another part did, and internal conflict ensued.
  4. Funi was protecting themselves and VA’s involved with the Vic Mignogna litigation given the material of the I.P., fear of it negatively effecting the suit for them.
  5. Production team ( VA’s, etc, ) were unhappy with the material once they recorded episode 1 and refused to continue.

And more examples of the continued backlash;

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