Funimation recently came under fire for dropping Ishuzoku Reviewers.

The backlash was only made worse because of the impression many had, that Funi was trying to brush the dropping of the show under the rug.

The information only really coming to light because of an email that was made public. More information can be found here if you’re out of the loop, just click this hyperlink.

Even a few days later, fans haven’t forgiven Funimation for this incident.

To make matters worse, the anime community was by and large already upset with Funimation for a number of reasons.

This is only the latest issue in Funimation’s poor, recent, track record.

As mentioned, people haven’t forgiven Funimation, and they made that very clear to the company. Even roasting them on their own YouTube channel under the Community Tab posts;

There’s also another example as well;

Video discussion for this report;

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