Throughout the week, especially within the last few days with Crunchyroll’s virtual expo this weekend, we’ve seen the announcements of various anime returning, many of which might be a favorite for some of you.

Whether it’s some of the highly anticipated anime set to air next month in time for Fall 2020, shows like Higurashi 2020, Jujutsu Kaisen, S3 of Golden Kamuy and Danmachi, and even the Inuyasha spin-off, Yashahime, as well as the return of anime like

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun S2, set to air April 2021,

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars set to air in January 2021,

The popular gaming-franchise-turned-anime Shenmue (currently in production), announced yesterday during Crunchyroll’s virtual expo that Crunchy themselves, as well as Adult Swim, WILL be collaborating on this project!

And WHO could forget about the anime of 2019, Rising of the Shield Hero, with its S2 trailer and visual dropped late last night, set to come out sometime next year!

OK, now that I got you warmed up, you’re likely wondering, “Noah, it’s nice to know Shield Hero’s back, but what does THIS have to do with the topic at hand?” To that, I’d say, “Fortunately for you, my friend, THIS is the part where I get to the meat and potatoes after getting you familiarized.”

Yesterday, while Crunchy has everybody excited for the return of 2D Captain America, Funimation has announced 2 English Dubs with premiere dates: Dr. Stone S2 and the main focus of this article, Dokyuu Hentai HxEros (SUPER HXEROS).


The show’s basically Power Rangers (Super Sentai in Japan) with fanservice and, well….it’s in the title. It’s about 5 teens who fight giant bugs and creatures using erotic energy. Funimation announced yesterday that they’ll be airing the English Dub for Dokyuu, while the subbed has aired back on July 3rd with 9 episodes in.

Which is ironic, as if you recall, they cancelled Interspecies Reviewers because it falls outside of their “standards”, yet you have a show that’s Hentai Power Rangers. OK…..just to fill you in on what this show is.








So yeah….that’s what this show is. Anyway, you have any thoughts or opinions about this? What do YOU think about the English Dub or Funimation coming out with this falling under their standards?

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