On October 18, Funimation VA Chris Thurman, the voice of Chappe in One Piece, Hitou (Hakyu Hoshin Engi), Taroubou (Midnight Occult Civil Servants) as well as various other additional roles, was accused by an account on twitter going by the handle “Exposing Chris Thurman” for sending pictures of his private parts to two female fans, one being underage.

Two people so far have come forward with receipts to back up their story.  To be honest, What transpires is quite disgusting and unsettling to say the least.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Shortly after the evidence was dropped, Chris Thurman took to his twitter and admitted that everything is true and to apologize for his disgusting actions. However, instead of leaving his apology up for all to see, he promptly deleted his entire account. Thankfully, everything was archived before it was taken down.

In response, music artist Lollia, whom once collaborated with Chris Thurman on many musical projects, immediately began to distance herself from the now disgraced former voice actor and started to erase all ties to him.

Funimation has yet to give an official response regarding the matter. However, this has not stopped several other sites from updating Chris’s bio from current to now former Funimation voice actor in anticipation of his termination.


My heart goes out to both the victims as well as their families whom are involved in this absolutely disgusting situation and I hope they pursue this all the way. This is a developing story so more is expected to follow.

News publication Bounding Into Comics would also report;

“Thurman is the second Funimation voice actor found to have engaged in sexual misconduct related to minors, as in 2014, former One Piece and High School DxD voice actor Scott Freeman was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.”

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