About a week ago we reported on a situation where a Government Official ( Gerard Boyce ) in Australia was under fire for having “20 or so anime-style figurines” in his office that were labeled “scantily clad”, although some of his co-workers that were so offended by this seemed to barely remember any of the actual details.

Here is a quote from one of Boyce’s co-workers;

“My recollection is one was a female figure and the other I am not sure was even human,” Ms O’Neill said.

“Scantily clad is probably the way I think of it.”

Further information about the prior coverage can be found in the video below, we’ll get into the new information right below that.

Well, we have an update on this situation.

Thenewdaily has reported that Gerard Boyce has indeed removed the figurines from his office after the likely faux-outrage from co-workers.

However, he’s allegedly replaced them with this life sized cardboard cutout of President of the United States, Donald Trump.


This is seemingly not only in response to the claims leveled against him but also a hearing of sorts that occurred over this issue.

In the clip of part of the alleged hearing, it’s quite obvious that the politicians trying to burn Boyce over this have little to no idea what they’re talking about. As they trip over their own words.

Senator McGrath respectfully pushed back against the seemingly faux-outrage.

“I don’t think we can draw from someone’s preferences for different types of artwork as to the professionalism of their work.”

In response, Senator O’Neil raised her voice in an attempt to bolster her arguments through turning to cries of sexism.

“I know how women’s bodies have been appropriated for centuries and I caution you to be very, very careful.”

McGrath attempted to refute that point of contention which only seemed to result in O’neil further raising her voice, which McGrath then seemed to do as well in order to contend with her.

“Just because you can speak over me doesn’t mean you’re correct.”

McGrath also, near the 1:35 part of the clip, simply looks for more information about the whole situation as he admits he doesn’t know much about this type of artwork.

“I’ve put a question to the witness because I am genuinely interested cause I don’t know where you’re going with this. I don’t really understand this type of objects or whatever that we’re talking about here. That’s why I’m asking this question of the witness. In terms of like, this is like artwork so…”

All the while O’Neil is heard yelling incoherently back at him as he attempts to make his point. Ironically, even though McGrath seems to be on somewhat of an opposing side here, he also seems to be handling the situation more professionally. Seeking more information before arriving at a judgement, rather than just yelling and becoming outraged over the rather vague situation.

Given how the clip starts and how blatantly obvious it is that the politicians involved, for the most part, seemingly don’t know what they’re talking about here, I believe it’s wise for him to seek more details.

Apparently that was too much to ask though as the meeting falls apart shortly after.

“If you want to go and have a rant please go down outside, there is a box outside parliament.”

O’Neil counters;

“Men have been silencing Women for long enough it is time for you to hear the voice of Women.”

The clip ends with McGrath stating;

“We’re having a private meeting, this is adjourned. We’re going to have a private meeting.”

This is a terrible look for Australian politics in my opinion, the whole issue doesn’t seem to deserve such a meeting to begin with… And then it seems to fail anyways.

If Australian officials can’t even have discourse over an “issue” about “anime-style figurines” how can the citizens in Australia expect them to get anything done about actual serious issues?

Video discussion of this report;


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