The My Hero Academia community has a problem on Twitter.

People who constantly hate on the show for social media engagement.

It’s so pathetic that numerous people will even borderline plagiarize previous tweets that bashed Hero Aca and went “viral”, so they can get the same engagement without any effort at all.

Sometimes that doesn’t work, sometimes it works exceedingly well. I’ve seen some copied tweets get more engagement (likes, retweets, etc) than the “original”.

For example, on October 13, 2019, I released a video titled “People on Twitter are targeting MY HERO ACADEMIA with RECYCLED arguments to brigade it DOWN!” because it was happening then and now, well into 2020, it’s happening once again.

Take a look;

In 2018 “Spooky Lemy” complained about Momo’s outfit, comparing the manga to the anime and saying “Okay, we gotta have a talk here Studio Bones…”

(Screenshots are slightly scuffed because I had to go back and get them from my video, hyperlinked above, and again right here).

In 2019, Dorkamami then recycled that complaint, even with a near identical header.

Now, in 2020, another Hero Aca complaint is recycled. That’s going on right now as I type this.

This exact complaint was made in 2019, which I covered in a video titled “My Hero Academia Attacked! People Claim Momo Is Not Chubby Enough!!”

As you can see above, now “killuaz9ldyck” is simply recycling this previous complaint. Just like others have done before.

When called out for what appears to be copying previous complaints, which were already lacking merit to begin with, the user feigns innocence and ignorance.

Claims to have made the tweet because they were just curious, yet the framing is eerily similar to what we’ve seen before and the original tweet did not actually present a question.

Especially because “killuaz9ldyck” didn’t even expand on their tweet until almost 12 hours later and likely after the tweet was blowing up.

(Thank you That One EZ Gintama fanboy for the news tip!)

Video Discussion for this topic;
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