On August 15, Mano Aloe, one of the new 5th generation of Hololive VTubers, made her stunning debut for the first time on YouTube to a packed audience of over 100k viewers.  However, things took a turn for the worse on August 17 where she held an unexpected live stream titled ” Important News.” In this live stream she announced that she was suspended from streaming for 2 weeks by Cover Corp for forgetting to delete a test stream that she did with her Live 2D model. This stream was made with the approval and under the supervision of Hololive management. Unfortunately for her, her Live 2D model test stream got leaked out onto the internet.

As a result, 5chan (as alleged by oversea fans) or some unknown person allegedly doxed her and got information as it pertains to her twitter account which led to an alleged barrage of harassment via DMs due to the many raunchy and sexual jokes that she made in her past uncovered streams on niconico video before coming to Hololive. This was par for the course for her since she was considered a loose cannon by many. Other items that got leaked included, her real name, phone number, home address, etc. Even other details of her personal life were leaked which led to other people associated with her being targeted as well, the most notable being that of her alleged ex boyfriend which has many simps in the community feeling angry and jealous. The worst however, was yet to come.

An old stream that she allegedly did back on October 2019, under the account “Dedechi” also surfaced. In this stream she allegedly leaked sensitive information pertaining to practices in the idol industry (name of the company being discussed is unconfirmed) as well as unconfirmed and potential sensitive information relating to VTuber Kudou Chitose’s retirement.

Translation of Alleged Stream from Vanschia on Youtube:


Cover Corp hastily issued an official apology as well as having Mano Aloe herself come out with an apology as well.

Cover Corp:Mano Aloe Apology Video From Her Official YouTube Channel:

In a seemingly apparent attempt to stop overseas audiences from learning more about the situation, Cover Corp has been caught going around and copyright claiming any translated videos made of her apology video. This action in turn has infuriated the overseas translator community who are only trying to help the non Japanese communities to understand what is going on.Aloe Mona Apology Translation:Summary:Despite the apology, the entire fan base was already fractured down the middle. Given the differences in cultural values and beliefs, a division between the overseas and Japanese viewers was inevitable over who is to be held at fault for this entire situation.

While some in Japan still support her, a large portion, with many believed to be antis, are in support of Cover Corp’s stance that she deserves some type of harsh punishment and as well as to be shamed publicly.

Japanese Viewer Grievances:

1. In the past before she entered the industry, she spoke out harshly against the idol industry and treatment of VTubers by companies. This is considered very taboo in Japan. Any talk against a company or industry you are currently apart of or plan on working for will be seen as being slanderous .

2. Made sensitive, unconfirmed statements about beloved ex VTuber Kudou Chitose.

3. Many are afraid that she is a liability due to allegedly leaking information about a certain unconfirmed VTuber company.

A lot of misinformation is also making the rounds, mainly due in part to anti fans in Japan, who are using it to add fuel to the fire and making it harder for everyone to figure out what is the actual truth behind it all.

Other Japanese viewers are just upset that the company keeps having incidents far too often and are unhappy with the unequal treatment given when it comes to handing out punishments.Overseas fans on the other hand are putting the blame squarely on the company, the horrible people who thought it would be funny to dox her, and the toxic idol culture mind set as they see it. Even though she admitted to some of her mistakes in the past, her overseas fans for the most part are willing to move forward and look past them and are more accepting of her situation by giving her as much support as they can.

Overseas Viewer Grievances:

1. Many overseas viewers are making comparisons to the culture war in the west where the woke mob and angry simps dig up old tweets or clips to hurt other people.

2. The fallout of the doxxing in their eyes should fall on the company since they allowed the test stream leak to occur under their supervision. Overseas fans got even more angered over forcing, in their eyes, said VTuber to apologize.

3. There is no official apology from Cover Corp about how they were sorry that they allowed Mano Aloe to be doxxed and how the company only seems to be concerned about the leaked audio from 2019 rather than the well being of their actual employee.

4. That the company decided to make all this drama public instead of dealing with it in private. Seen by overseas viewers as being very unprofessional.

5. Copyright take down claims by Cover Corp have soured relations with the oversea translator community.

6. Toxic idol culture is partly to blame for the way Japanese viewers are reacting to this situation according to many overseas fans.Many overseas viewers also heard the leaked audio and agreed with what she said about the toxic environment of idol culture as well as agree since that the comments were made before she ever entered the industry, that she should not be punished for thinking in such a way.

Thousands have even banded together and created a growing community wide movement to be there for her just like they were there for VTuber Towa when she had her accident.

Overall, the situation is an absolute mess and I hope that everything can be resolved so that the community as a whole can begin to heal.

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