Two weeks ago, Hololive 5th Generation Mano Aloe accidentally leaked her Live 2D Model ahead of her debut performance and as such was suspended from streaming for two weeks by the company. During this time, antis seemingly used this leaked stream to not only dox and harass her, but they also dredged up old footage that was then used against her to paint her in a not so favorable light with other Japanese viewers.

Many overseas fans showed their support for her over these past couple of weeks and were eagerly anticipating her return this coming Monday. According to overseas viewers, the rest of the current 5th generation VTubers were also eagerly awaiting her return.

However, things took a turn for the worse. On the evening of August 30th, Hololive posted an official statement on their twitter account announcing that Mano Aloe would not be returning to Hololive.

Official Twitter Announcement:Hololive 5th Generation Botan, Lamy, Nene, and Polka posted a group video on YouTube expressing their thoughts and feelings on the shocking news. If you listen closely you can hear the sadness in their voices as they try to come to terms with the sudden and unexpected loss of their friend.

Translated Group Video (courtesy of Love Vtuber)

After hearing this news, many overseas fans, especially those who were apart of her support campaign, were left with mixed emotions. Sadness, unease, and anger rocked the VTuber community.

Other overseas fans have become disillusioned with the way Cover Corp has been handling all these controversies that have been cropping up one right after the other.

Like many others, I wish you, Mano Aloe, a bright and successful future wherever you may go.

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