Despite Funimation dropping Ishozuku Reviewers for “falling outside company standards”( Hyperlink, click for the previous news if you’re not sure what occurred previously )

Ishozku Reviewers has become the 2nd highest rated anime on My Anime List. The #1 spot still held by Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

There’s a chance that part of the reason people are voting the anime so highly is to get back at Funimation.

Especially when you see the hilarious antics anime YouTuber  Nux Taku has been up to;

It’s very telling just how many people in the anime community despise Funimation.

Perhaps it’s even a shame how the company has fallen, so tremendously, from the favor many of us had towards it many years ago.

That goodwill has been destroyed.

You may also be interested in this report on how Funimation got destroyed by anime fans on their own YouTube Channel;

Funimation Gets Mercilessly Roasted On Their YouTube Channel, They Can’t Hide From the Ishuzoku Reviewers Backlash

Finally, a video recap of the prior news ( translator allegations, theories as to why the drop, what happened to begin with, etc);

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