December 31, 2019. New Years Eve.

A podcast was posted by “The Violet Wanderers”. A number of personalities on the podcast, if not all of them, appear to be involved with the #KickVic group.

A group that seems poised to continue their attempts at ruining, voice actor, Vic Mignogna’s career.  Apparently even into the New Year.


Below is a 3:01 clip from the full 102 minute podcast. In this clip, the personalities discuss various ways to target Anime Conventions that Vic Mignogna may be invited to, in order to force them to remove his convention appearance. This not only hurts Vic Mignogna’s income, as well as the conventions, but also ruins the experience for fans who would simply want to enjoy meeting a person they want to support and/or look up to.


I did my best at transcribing the clip for your convenience, however, please understand that the audio quality during their podcast is not exactly decent. The scratchy voices speaking over each other also made transcribing difficult. In other words, this transcript is not 100% accurate, but that’s why I am also providing you the source.

“Fear of, if people are vigilant its-its.. not going to be immediate but once cons have hardship. Once there is impudence of ‘well it’s been a couple years and maybe he’s learned a lesson. He’s really struggled and has (???).”

“The backlash, the threat of backlash needs to have imposing financial consequences to the degree they are not even willing to risk it.”

“You hear that TVW Dungeoneers? If you have any conventions having Vic Mig???, you need to get your trans asses off the couch and tell them you were going to show up until you heard this fucking pervert was coming on.”

“The key points to hit are that he has a reputation now, he has a documented reputation now. The fact you can google his name-”

“This whole we didn’t know nonsense is bullshit, however, you can’t play dumb anymore.”

“Right. But having these things in the media that are accessible is the way that you go to a small local con that has invited Vic Mignogna and you can go to the local media and say; look your local convention has invited a controversial child predator, sexual harasser. Whatever word you want to use because those words have all been used in the media. Look what this con has invited upon our children and our community. It’s a big deal for a small or medium sized con.”

“News articles, news outlets such as Variety or NPR are no small time news outlets you know? I’d say those are pretty big places to point to and say this is the kind of coverage this person recieved. It’s not just nerd outlets where nerd reporters reported on nerd things that’s happening. It’s in the local paper in Dallas.”

“Right you have a con going on in Garland Texas and the Garland Time Herald has nothing to talk about that day. You can get to the front page news that a local con has invited a sexual harasser to attend with their children. That’s the kind of pressure they respond to. They don’t respond well to weeb tweets as well as they do that kind of pressure.”


A number of comments made throughout the podcast likely stand out as insidious to the listener. However, one remark that certainly stands out is when one of the speakers issues a call to action for his fans to tell anime conventions that they won’t go to their convention(s) because Vic Mignogna is attending. The implication that they should do this, even if they didn’t even actually intend to go to that convention to begin with, is clearly underhanded.

Why is Vic Mignogna being targeted by a harassment campaign?

January 17, 2019, Twitter user Hanleia tweeted to Funimation. That tweet reads;

“Hey @FUNimation why do you employ a known pedophile”

Hanleia also attached a post from a forum, where a forum user, “Nyahko”, attempted to describe two indecent incidents about  Vic Mignogna, one of them an alleged incident of Vic attempting to force himself onto them. The other alleged incident, eerily similar to an incident that did occur in 2014 with a different voice actor, one Ilich Guardiola.

Ironically, Illich Gaurdiola is apparently the ex-boyfriend of voice actress Monica Rial. One of the defendant’s Vic Mignogna is suing.

On top of potentially mixing up Vic with Illich and/or fabricating a story, Nyahko even claims to have a traumatic brain injury that effects their memory.

“As I didn’t pay for any part of the con I don’t even recall the name of the con anymore or the hotel. It also doesn’t help that I had a TBI(traumatic brain injury) a few months after it happened so a lot of that time period is hard for me to put on a solid timeline I have gaps in my memory for a lot of things around that time unfortunately all the memories I don’t have blank spots in for that time are instances of being abused. “

The majority of the claims leveled against Vic seem to share this trend. Suspicious stories that don’t really add up, some even entirely proven to be false.

Take for example this tumblr blog titled “Dear Vic Meggnogna ( and other VA’s ) and the description of said blog;

“Share your stories of the most infamous voice actor, Vic Mignogna.

(And hey, send your other VA stories as well!)


Well, it turns out, according to the Admin of this blog, that “99.99% of the messages are heresay” and “this blog is more of a venting space.”

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, people would “vent” their frustrations by writing the most absurd, disgusting, stories about Vic Migngona they possibly could.

This also became a trend in certain communities, mostly on Tumblr and Twitter. A trend to write hit pieces about Vic Mignogna, true or not.

Marzgurl, one of the personalities in the above mentioned podcast, then seemed to create the hashtag #KickVic in this tweet;

And a massive campaign of harassment and smears ensued from there. With #KickVic targeting Vic Mignogna’s places of employment and conventions he was scheduled to appear at, trying to get him canceled and ruin his livelihood entirely.

The anime community, by and large, rallied in support of Vic Mignogna under the hashtag #IStandWithVic. To most people, it seems the claims against Vic lack evidence and don’t add up.

On top of that, Vic Mignogna has an actual documented history of being one of the most kind and outspoken people in the industry.

Take for example when Vic Mignogna went to visit one of his sick fans in the hospital;

Or when Vic, a Christian, defended anime fans from other religious people who were spreading hate outside of a convention.


There seems to be a lack of evidence supporting the claims that Vic Mignogna is a sexual predator. Meanwhile there is plenty of evidence online that show Vic being one of the kindest people you may ever meet.

For these reasons and more, Vic Mignogna has amassed tremendous support from tens to hundreds of thousands people. Some who are fans, some who didn’t even know who he was until the news throughout 2019, but they looked at the evidence on one side, the lack of evidence on the other, and sided with him. Together, #IStandWithVic has even amassed over $265,000 via GoFundMe ( as of writing this ) to assist with Vic’s legal expenses.

As mentioned, Vic Mignogna has brought forward litigation against several parties who allegedly caused some of the most damage to his career. Vic has expressed that he wishes he did not have to sue but he must do what he can to attempt to salvage his career. Also as mentioned, the lawsuit is on going and updates will be posted on NyanNet as quickly as possible.

Many people speculate that some of the others in the industry wanted Vic gone for a long time due to his political beliefs, religions beliefs, and their jealously towards his success. Perhaps they saw an opportunity when they found the various false stories posted about Vic over the years along with the timing of today’s overall climate.

There has been much more that occurred throughout 2019 with this controversy but this should give you a solid understanding of how it began.

And now, one thing seems certain. #KickVic has no intention of letting up in 2020 and surely #IStandWithVic will then also stay the course.

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