When the first EX ARM trailer dropped back in November 2020, it was heavily mocked across the entire internet for just how bad, and that is putting it nicely, it was. Cheap CGI, terrible animation, wide-eyed, creepy looking, doll like characters that stared into your soul were just  some of the issues that plagued this series from the beginning. Even after Crunchyroll silently dropping a second trailer in December 2020,  the studio did not take any of the criticism to heart and it shows for the worse. After premiering last night in Japan, Japanese twitter today has made its mission to roast this show over an open bonfire with no mercy given.You are about to see some of the early reactions to what is possibly one of the worst animated series to come out this year. I know many have been comparing the art and animation style of this series to RWBY, but in my humble opinion after what I have seen, to compare EX ARM to RWBY is complete disservice unto RWBY itself. The RWBY artists and animators at least made an effort to make their show look presentable. With that said, buckle up and enjoy the ride.     A New Meme is Born:

Drunk Fighting:

The Force is Strong With This One:

I fully expect the laughter and mockery to continue for the remainder of this shows run. The studios hopes may have been to be the top SF series in the world, but in the end what they ended up producing was a wonderful, comedic mess.

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