On Tuesday, January 14th, Savannah Animazing Con announced that Vic Mignogna would be a guest at their convention.

To the surprise of pretty much no one, certain very unique individuals, decided to do what they do best. Lie, screech, and smear. All in a very pitiful attempt at getting the convention to un-invite Vic Mignogna. Or alternatively, to ruin the conventions business as a whole.

This is not the first time that the KickVic harassment campaign targeted businesses, just about a week ago we reported on Awesome Collectibles which hosted Vic for a signing event. When the business didn’t bend the knee to their demands, they decided to smear the business itself, leaving defamatory statements online and even fake Yelp reviews. All this did, in the end, was cause people to rally behind Vic Mignogna and Awesome Collectibles even more, the event being a massive success with over 700 people attending.

Continuing with Animazing Con; Those unique individuals we mentioned, left disparaging remarks on the businesses Facebook page. Most of the remarks have since been removed but here are some screenshots that were taken beforehand. Thank you Animazing Con for standing up for Vic Mignogna and the fans.

“I would reconsider buying a badge if…” 

This is a common strategy used by people to try and influences a business decision, it’s almost a garuntee that anyone who makes a comment like that or similar, never intended to support the convention to begin with. And they certainly would not either if the convention(or company) bent their knee to the threats and demands. Luckily, Animazing Con held steadfast. Here are more of the messages they were hit with.

No, Vic Mignogna was never “busted for sexual harassment”. This is again another blatant lie and smear attempt.

“So many people have come forward to expose his inappropriate behavior…”

Shall we fact check that? I have yet to see any claim against Vic Mignogna that isn’t unsubstantiated. Most of the rumors of his alleged misconduct stem from random internet blogs, such as the tumblr blog “Vic Meggnogna horror stories” , which the admin of the blog admit 99.99% of the stories were hearsay. Certain deplorable people online did this because they didn’t like Vic’s religious/political beliefs, and because in some very weird social circles it became a trendy thing to do, making up terrible stories about Vic.

That was posted back in 2015. As you can see, Vic Mignogna has had weird people on the internet making up whatever terrifying story they can about him for years. On top of that, in 2019, shortly after Vic Mignogna decided to defend himself by leveling a litigation against certain parties, the “Vic Meggnogna Horror Stories” blog was wiped out. How convenient, isn’t it?

Again, back to Animazing Con and this next individual takes the cake. First he left these 2 messages;

As if the libelous statements were not bad enough, he then targeted cosplayer GothicSushi, who is also a guest at Animazing Con.

“She looks easy, in more ways than one…”

Is “M” here sure that Vic’s the predator? Because these actions certainly don’t seem to paint him out as a very trustworthy or sincere individual. For the record, Animazing Con and Gothic Sushi have the underacted screenshots. Animazing Con was kind enough, even in the face of such disparaging remarks, to ask us to redact their information in our coverage.

Still, a word of advice to these ‘unique people’, you may want to be more careful about what you post online.

If you would like to support Animazing Con and Gothic Sushi, you can find them on Twitter at @LCCC_Present and @gothicsushii.


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