Vic Mignogna had his weekly appearance on the Unlocked App on Tuesday.

Check out the Unlocked App here; https://twitter.com/UnlockedLive , available on iTunes and Google Play.

During the livestream Mignogna mentioned how certain conventions, where fans requested Vic, have declined to invite him because some of their volunteer’s threatened to leave in retaliation.

A clip of Mignogna discussing this was posted by @VictorV53505110 on Twitter.

“Guess what they’re telling me. Some of their volunteers on staff are making threats like they’re gonna quit if they bring me to the show. Can you believe that?” 

Vic also discusses how conventions are for the attendee’s that come to the event, not the voice actor’s, staff, etc. They’re for the fans.

“I can’t imagine that convention organizers would turn their back on 4, 5 , or 600 paying attendee’s in order to humor the political statement of a couple of volunteers.”

This is only the latest, deplorable, attempt KickVic has made at impeding Vic’s appearances and disturbing his livelihood, as well as the enjoyment of fans all over.

Previously, KickVic attempted to get a signing event canceled via fake Yelp reviews and libelous posts online. This failed however, and resulted in massive success for Mignogna.

However, as we see, KickVic will seem to always find a new low to stoop to.


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  • JoeD1234  January 30, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    Wheres the proof? What convention?

    This is coming from the same dude who lies and perjures him goddamned constantly. “I never gave my blessing to the GFM”, tweets reveal thats a lie. “Ive never been in court before”, thats a lie. “I dont know black face lawyer personally”, thats a lie.

    Dudes finally understanding that hes thoroughly fucked and is losing steam, so hes making up shit to make it seem like its not his fault. What a clown.

  • cherrybomber32  January 30, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    Kickvic can’t stand to see Vic being successful and winning that’s all it is. He hasn’t even done anything and yet people are still trying to ruin him. They getting exposed on the spot for messing with an innocent man who’s doing what he enjoys and pleasing his fans. Lol Kickvic are nothing but clowns

  • kimbre  January 31, 2020 at 3:34 am

    Hey Joe up there. I don’t really have a stake in this but you sound as “hypocritical” as the person you are attempting to libel. (Yes, that is the correct word and tense. Slander is spoken. Libel is written.)
    You just made a lot of claims about what this person supposedly did but I don’t see any sources cited. I don’t see anything but your opinion. Which, in all honesty, probably wasn’t worth the effort of correcting you.
    So, either cite facts and show where you are getting your information or don’t say anything. Because if anything you said isn’t true you could be sued for Libel and defamation.
    I’m sure it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. People that rub other people’s (alleged) mistakes in their faces are usually the best people to be friends with. I can just feel the kindness of your spirit and your forgiving nature from here. I am sure someone who is obviously as perfect as you are (Well, besides all the possible libel and defamation charges) has never made a mistake you needed forgiveness for.

  • Octorockandroll  January 31, 2020 at 9:54 am

    Give me a break. So a known liar with no proof claims some unidentified con volunteers are all that’s stopping him from appearing? Not only is that more than likely a bold faced lie, it’s one that would just make Mignona look even more pathetic if true.

    And what the shit is with this piece’s attitude? “Oh no, how dare those volunteers not provide free labor to someone they have good reason not to feel safe around?” Is that really something you feel confident pushing on your reader base?

    Fuck Vic, fuck your flaccid attempt at passing your retarded punditry off as news and fuck you.

  • LunaSuzumori  January 31, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    People make mistakes, and most of the time we learn from it. Im not taking sides, but we all just need to pay attention to both sides of the story here. So lets just leave well enough alone already. And unless you have proper facts/info, keep your mouth shut, because all you’re doing is making yourself look stupid. And slandering people just makes you an asshole, in which you can use a cactus to fuck yourself with.

  • JoeD1234  January 31, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    Hey kimbre,

    Since you “have no stake in this”, I doubt you’ve read the court documents, I doubt youve read the tweets entered into evidence, and I doubt youve kept up on the case outside of biased, Vig leaning sites like this. As such, of course you arent familiar with what Ive said.

    Let me break shit down for you, even though I dont have to, and even though it all is very easily Google-able for you. Look ul how a debate works. I dont have to cite shit, but I will for your half brained comment.

    In his own deposition he says that he had no idea about the GFM. He literally tweeted 2 days after it was created saying he gave it his blessing. Look up and read his deposition. It might be pretty fucking illuminating to you.

    He said on the record in his one court apperance that he had never been part of civil court proceedings. Looking at his public record determines that is a lie since he has been involved in suits in the past.

    Circling back to his deposition, he says that he does not know Nick Rekeita (who has photographic evidence of wearing blackface) personally nor does he interact with him outside of this case. Multiple DMs, pervious email, and pictures he posted on Twitter are very much to the contrary. You dont go to Hawaii (on the GFM’s dime, more than likely) with someone you dont know personally.

    And please, for the love of god if you’re going to harp on libel and all the bullshit you think you know, you might want to read up on what it means. Libel is not a different tense of slander, they are two different things. Nothing I said is demonstratably false. Nothing I said is a lie intented to harm his career, and nothing I said was meant to defraud him. Even if it was, a fucking court of law essentially judged he is a libel-proof public figure. You decided to back the wrong horse with a whole pocketful of dumb bullshit, kid.

  • ngeno  February 1, 2020 at 6:49 pm

    Hey JoeD1234 and Octorockandroll, come closer I have a little secret to share with you.


    The volunteers don’t have “good reason” to “feel unsafe” with Vic Mignogna considering there have been no reports of improper behavior at cons.

    There has been no evidence of ANYTHING they’re claiming he did that doesn’t have more holes in it than Murphy got in the opening scene of Robocop.

    And before you say it. I have been looking at all the court documents, I have watched the depositions that have come out, and I have personally seen how ALL the parties and their allies act online since this controversy began.

    After a full fucking YEAR of this bullshit. I still believe Vic Mignogna is the one telling the truth.

    >Circling back to his deposition, he says that he does not know Nick Rekeita (who has photographic evidence of wearing blackface) personally nor does he interact with him outside of this case. Multiple DMs, pervious email, and pictures he posted on Twitter are very much to the contrary. You dont go to Hawaii (on the GFM’s dime, more than likely) with someone you dont know personally.

    Few things to retort in response to this paragraph in particular.

    – Just because I e-mail someone does not mean I know them. It’s the same thing for Nick.
    – The deposition was taken BEFORE THEY MET IN PERSON. I can’t believe I have to explain this.
    – Your “black face” comment is completely irrelevant to this case, and I can clearly see why you keep bringing it up. Because you have no legitimate argument against him.
    – Mr. Rekieta went to a Hawaii convention that had Vic Mignogna as a guest WITH HIS WIFE. And he has no access to the GoFundMe money AT ALL. Per GFM’s own terms of service, he can’t even put money INTO it much less TAKE IT OUT.

  • jedfarcry223  February 4, 2020 at 8:26 am

    Man it sucks that there are still people a year later who are still trying to ruin someone who isn’t guilty of anything yet delusional fools continue to harass him.

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